Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems

KPIT combines extensive manufacturing industry experience and manufacturing execution systems expertise to deliver stellar MES solutions for businesses
Manufacturers today recognize the need for a complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution that addresses challenges of enterprise-wide manufacturing operation processes including those associated with:
Focus Areas

KPIT's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions focus on multiple areas including:




KPIT is Redefining MES Solutions. Watch this video to learn how.


KPIT can help your business achieve manufacturing excellence by providing real-time visibility, higher control over all
manufacturing operations, increasing quality and reducing costs.
Our service offerings

Globalize Efficiently

Implement MOM solutions to increase
manufacturing flexibility in operations

Support multi-location rollouts

Integrate global operations

Enable collaboration between PLM, ERP, MOM and shop floor controls

Integrate Top-Floor to Shop-Floor

Integrate disparate manufacturing systems to extract valuable business data

Monitor multiple manufacturing plants on a central monitoring platform

Provide real-time visibility into plant floor operations for improved decision-making

Optimize Utilization

View end-to-end manufacturing process for optimizing efficiency

Optimize management and execution of production activities from order release to finished goods

Improve plant productivity and performance

KPIT’s extensive experience in the MES domain is encompassed in our capabilities
that we bring to every project that we do.
Strong manufacturing and MOM domain expertise
Customized solution offerings for businesses
Technology expertise
Alliances with leading technology vendors like Dassault, Siemens, and GE
Read Pawan sharma's latest insights on
The convergence of OT and IT in the Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Rapid Upgrade Solution by KPIT
Software upgrades are a major source of revenue loss for organizations, especially those, that are geographically distributed and
follow a planned upgrade method spread over many months. In today’s fast moving business environment, it is important for
organizations to curtail the duration of such upgrades to mere weeks than months, without impacting the business.
KPIT's MES Rapid Upgrade Solution helps clients around the globe to achieve exactly this.
KPIT’s Rapid Upgrade Solution enabled a key European customer to upgrade their APRISO implementation in their new plant in just
8-weeks, a challenge in itself as it was never done by anyone in such a short span of time.
Key Highlights

Proven approach with minimum
risk to customer
Successfully upgraded MES implementation
within eight weeks
All MES modules along with
ERP interfaces upgraded
Solution and implementation approach- analyzed,
planned and finalized on KPIT servers as per
APRISO best practices
Users can start using new version, with localized
language support, without impacting production
due to version upgrade

KPIT's MES solutions offer a range of benefits to organizations:
Reduce manufacturing cycle time and data entry
time,improving product quality
Adapt your business to be more customer oriented
and ready to meet any requirements from the market
Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
without impacting business
Get a clear view of material usage leading to stock and inventory visibility; perform better scrap management,and production cost analysis in greater detail, and rework in an efficient manner
Eliminate non-value adding paper handling,
management, and lean manufacturing
Improve customer service by enabling them to track their orders in real time
Trouble selecting the right MES for your organization? KPIT can help.

Redefining MES Solutions
MES are 60% -70% pre-configured with industry best practices helping you lower your TCO while providing higher ROI

KPIT Featured in the World Aerosols Magazine | September/October 2018
KPIT has been featured in the World Aerosols Magazine, showcasing success story of implementing MES

The Convergence of OT and IT in the Manufacturing industry
Innovation should occur keeping in mind the customer requirements of tomorrow and the ecosystem


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