Case Study

Case Study

Time Management Meets Mobility
Customer Overview
A global creative agency specializing in creating new digital products and ideas for companies.
Business Challenges
The client, a global creative agency, had a time tracking system that was problematic. Data was stored on two systems with no automatic synchronization. The desktop application, written in Java, did not work on Mac OS X, the primary operating system for most employees.
Some of their key requirements were
  • Efficient system to track time and replace the existing legacy system
  • User experience and interface that was clean and resonated with a creatively centric workforce.
  • Eliminating the need for two separate data storage systems
KPIT's Solution
KPIT chose a web delivered solution, flexible enough to work across different devices and OS and not requiring costly maintenance of the native solution.
Solution highlights:

HTML5 web app enabling employees on multiple OS and devices to access the same system

Integration between the app and Sage 500 ERP eliminating the need for two data storage systems

Data written to Sage in real-time, providing up-to-date, accurate time reporting

KPIT has successfully implemented the solution and delivered the following benefits to the customer:
Simplified solution resulting in much lower cost of ownership for support and services
Improved performance speed
High user adoption of the solution

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