Case Study

Case Study

Leveraging Brand Power
Customer Overview
A large North American beverage distributor.
Business Challenges
As a market leader, the client's web presence was out-of-date from both a brand perspective as well as the capability to deliver Web 2.0 features. An impending CMS implementation also required a redesign.
Some of their key requirements were
  • Enhancing web presence to reflect and extend a strong regional brand
  • Integrating multiple systems and platforms
  • Eliminating the need for two separate data storage systems
KPIT's Solution
KPIT designed and developed a hybrid app solution for iPhones, giving Field Sales a total customer view, including information on recent activity, upcoming orders, financial info and more.
Solution highlights:

Reorganization of product groupings for easier browsing by customers

Top down site architecture improving navigation, as well as incorporating best practice site components

Leveraging brand recognition of product lines and creating a more visually impactful experience, and leveraging the power of the carried brands

KPIT has successfully implemented the solution and delivered the following benefits to the customer:
Better integration of separate business lines under one site
Improvements to product categorization, increasing traffic to all product pages
Marked increase in sales in the months immediately after new website launch

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