Case Study

Case Study

About Client

The client is one of the leading Global Automotive OEM

Business and Technology Context
In 2012, the client sold nearly 4.4 million vehicles worldwide. As per an IEEE estimate a typical car comprises 70 to 100 microprocessor-based electronic control units (ECUs) networked throughout the body of a car. The business research firm Frost and Sullivan estimates that in future cars will require about 200-300 million lines of software codes. Large volume of car sales, increasing number of ECUs and millions of lines of software codes result into increased complexities. Thus, the OEM decided to adopt AUTOSAR standard for ECU software to control the complexities.

The OEM scouted for a partner who could develop superior quality AUTOSAR Basic Software that could quickly scale up for such a large project. The OEM also expected the partner to help them acquire AUTOSAR best practices and provide them with a successful roll out of AUTOSAR software in their eco-system.
KPIT's Solution
KPIT collaborated with the client to jointly develop superior quality AUTOSAR Software stack. This included adoption of the best software development practices.
For a project of such a high magnitude, KPIT had to enhance its existing software development methodology to ensure right quality was delivered in optimum time.

To ensure a stringent quality control, KPIT proposed and executed safety reviews jointly with the client for various AUTOSAR modules. This met all the requirements and led to the development of a robust, reliable and fail-safe software.
In an attempt to improve the quality further, KPIT deployed its in-house continuous build automation that led to reduction in human errors and complied with the quality metrics.
To engage right talent with the right skillsets, KPIT conducted regular AUTOSAR trainings internally and for the client’s engineers. KPIT left no stone unturned to make this project a huge success.
Key Success Factors and Client Benefits
Increase in team size in short time
Improvement in Productivity
Reduction in Defect Density
Reduction in Human Errors
Right Mix of Resources for each phase
– Scaled up the team to carry out development and integration of AUTOSAR BSW. This helped in developing the applications more effectively.
KPIT increased the team size by 33% in a very short time
KPIT enhanced SDLC processes by first developing a prototype for advance estimation of risks, finding bugs in AUTOSAR specification, seeking necessary deviations from the OEM etc. and ensuring on-schedule delivery
With a proven process and delivery excellence system, KPIT ensured quality software that not only met all the requirements, but also ensured compliance to safety requirements of the OEM


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