Case Study

Case Study

KPIT helps an Automotive Tier 1 with Algorithm Development for a NVPD system
About the Client
The client is a leading Automotive Tier 1, offering products such as chassis, cockpit, and front-end modules. The Tier 1 seeks to provide a safer and convenient driving experience to end users by producing intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
Business & Technology Context
The Tier 1 aimed to enable driver and pedestrian safety by developing a technologically advanced Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection system for a production program of an OEM. This needed development of complex vision algorithms that could be customizable to OEM's specifications. Therefore, the Tier 1 scouted for a partner who could completely own the development, testing and the integration of vision algorithms.

These algorithms needed to conform to various conditions, such as texture of pedestrian clothes, weather conditions, light intensity and many more. KPIT's vision algorithms are platform agnostic and can be customized as per OEM requirements with minimal modifications. Hence, the client shortlisted KPIT for developing a Night Vision Pedestrian Detection (NVPD) solution.
Key Highlights

Night time Pedestrian detection

City & country side detection

Distance and Angle Estimation

CAN bus interface for projecting pedestrian data

Pedestrian, cyclist detection.(Animal detection is in a roadmap)

Color/ Grey camera support

Display output with built-In image enhancement

Easy parameterization for algorithms

Scalable to be integrated with infotainment devices
KPIT's Solution

The Automotive Tier 1 was responsible for developing the required hardware assets, while KPIT was in charge of developing the algorithms. The client had developed the entire hardware including cameras, processors, infrared lamps, and lighting ECUs for spotting pedestrians. KPIT enabled the client to select the right cameras and processors by performing a feasibility study.
  • Algorithm development for Detection, Distance and Angle estimation
  • Algorithm testing and integration
  • Used near Infra-Red (NIR) based technology for Pedestrian detection
  • Support for Calibration and Data Capturing
  • Support for Field Test and Benchmarking
Success Factors

Indigenously developed vision algorithms to handle various conditions including illumination, road and environment
KPIT showcased its thought leadership in implementing the algorithms right from scratch. These algorithms were unique and were used by the client for the first time.
Helped client in understanding OEM requirements/queries by actively participating in OEM meetings
Supported vehicle level activities such as Camera calibration Mounting, Fitment & Vehicle Integration

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