Case Study

Case Study

AUTOSAR Migration and Integration of TCM ECU for an Automotive Tier 1
About the Client
The client is one of the leading technology group with presence in over 15 countries. They specialize in designing, manufacturing and diagnostics of embedded systems in small to medium production run vehicles.
Business & Technology Context
The Tier 1 had to supply an AUTOSAR based Transmission Control Module (TCM) ECU (Engine Control Unit) to a leading Automotive OEM's new production program. The existing ECU was designed on legacy architecture and the client wanted to migrate to AUTOSAR compliant ECU. Few legacy components were to be retained from the existing architecture. Therefore, our client (the Tier 1) had to adopt an ECU architecture that contained a combination of AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR components. This led to a communication issue between different components. Our client's expertise was in ECU development but migration required AUTOSAR software expertise. Thus, the client scouted for a partner who could cater to other requirements of TCM ECU like integration of OEM specific modules, development of complex device drivers, etc.
KPIT was a natural choice, as it is one of the largest AUTOSAR service providers with a proven track record of successfully implementing AUTOSAR and allied services to 20+ OEMs and Tier 1s.
KPIT has successfully enabled AUTOSAR migration of complex ECUs for multiple production programs. Hence, the Tier1 trusted KPIT for this engagement.
KPIT's Solution
After initial system analysis & feasibility study, KPIT experts designed an architecture that could
seamlessly support AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR components.
The components of this re-structured application had to be integrated with Basic Software (BSW),
Run Time Environment (RTE), and Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL). One of the critical parts of this project
was the way the application was split for CPU load balancing. Tier 1's large application was strategically split
depending on its functionality and criticality into seven Operating System Tasks. This design
helped reduce the processor load & thus the overall ECU performance.
KPIT also provided the following solutions:
Development of Complex Driver for external solenoid, external EEPROM, external watchdog and integration
Development of Flashloader
Bootmode integration
Development of Tier 1 Specific ECU State Manager
Configuration and Integration of Diagnostic Modules
Integration with OEM Specific compatibility modules
Complete Testing with tools provided by OEM
Key Metrics

Complex ECU with 120+ signals migrated successfully
450,000+ Application Source lines of code developed
1000+ integration test cases executed to ensure robustness testing of the production ECU
4000+ test cases executed as part of the test scripts provided by OEM only for diagnostics

Success Factors
KPIT's integration and migration services were the highlight of this project. Tier 1 found a single AUTOSAR success partner in KPIT with its comprehensive services around AUTOSAR basic software. This ensured that the AUTOSAR basic software was perfectly integrated with the migrated application software. It was not just the stack but the services that ensured success. After all AUTOSAR is all about execution.
Tags: AUTOSAR, Transmission Control Module, Engine Control Unit, ECU architecture, AUTOSAR migration, Module integration, Device Driver development, AUTOSAR services, AUTOSAR Basic Software, MCAL, Flashloader, Bootmode integration, ECU State Manager, Diagnostic Modules Configuration, CPU load balancing

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