Case Study

Case Study

Functional Safety solution based on IEC 61508 for industrial automation drives
About the Client
The client develops drives that control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning, and the overall performance of AC motors.
Business & Technology Context
Integrated functional safety in industrial automation is becoming mandatory for drives and has a strong demand in the European and US markets. This safety system needs to adhere to the IEC 61508 safety standard that provides recommendations and guidelines for developing hardware and software for a safe product.
The client manufactures frequency converters and needed a partner who could assist them in adhering to the functional safety standards – IEC 61508. This required deep domain expertise in developing functional safety solutions. More so as this was client’s first product to be aligned to functional safety standards.
The client found a trusted partner in KPIT with its extensive knowledge in functional safety solutions & previous track record of several successful engagements.
KPIT's Solution

Safe Torque Off - STO

The safety function STO disconnects power to the motor. It is implemented via the frequency converter's shut down path and the safety option's safe output.
Safe Stop 1 - SS1

The safety function SS1 monitors the deceleration to zero speed in a controlled manner and activates STO after detection of safe stop.
Safely Limited Speed (SLS)

The SLS function can only be used when an encoder is connected to the safety option. This function is used to limit the machine speed. The main goal is to monitor the motor speed and to adjust the speed to a set point.

KPIT's solution is unique because it:
Activates safety functions
Monitors safe motion sequences
Signals the status of safety functions to the safety control system via fieldbus
Activates the selected failure reaction - Safe Torque
Success Factors
Being involved right from the requirement phase, KPIT was a part of client's decision making for the end product behaviour & feature implementation into existing architecture. This helped in overall development & maintenance of the product
KPIT managed end-to-end development
KPIT's participation eased the entire certification process for the client
KPIT automated the 'Low Level Design' generation process that reduced the need for a lot of documentation and also helped in easy maintenance
KPIT performed automation of Unit Test Scripts that reduced testing efforts


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