Case Study

Case Study

Trusted Partner for a Tier1's Engine Diagnostics Tool
About the Client
The client is a Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products.
Business & Technology Context
The client developed a Windows based tool to diagnose & troubleshoot engine problems. This software application worked with the Tier1's Electronics Control Modules (ECM). This tool stored and analyzed historic information about the engine and modified operating parameters through calibration.
However, the tool releases were getting hampered due to several functional issues. This became a huge bottleneck as engines could not be launched without the support tool. Therefore, in 2002, the tier1 scouted for a partner who could take complete ownership of the tool and enable them in meeting their schedule.
KPIT's Solution

Initially, KPIT supported the maintenance of the tool and enabled the Tier 1 to meet its schedule, however due to KPIT’s proactive approach, this engagement transformed into a long term partnership.
  • Release Estimation and Planning
  • Overall Release Management
  • System Engineering
  • Architecture, Design and Development
  • Reusable components for Tools
  • Build Management
  • Multi - Language Support
  • Performance Improvement
  • Product support
  • System Testing
  • Test Automation
Key Success Factors & Client Benefits

30,000+ Tier1 engineers use this tool globally
100+ Support for Engine Programs
50+ Diagnostic Tests to help diagnose & repair engines
20+ Supports Languages for engineers from different regions
Tags: Electronics Control Modules, Engine Diagnosis tool, Engine programs, troubleshoot, Diagnostic tests, Calibration, System testing, Calibration over web, Release management, product support, test automation

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