Case Study

Case Study

BSW stack and global execution of an Automotive Tier 1’s AUTOSAR production program
About the Client
The client is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments
Business & Technology Context
An Automotive OEM had entrusted our client (the Tier 1) with an AUTOSAR production program based on Hybrid ECU. This complex ECU has 4 microcontrollers (2 executed AUTOSAR software) with multiple CAN, SPI and Flexray communication. Tier 1's Hybrid ECU group required a proven stack for its first AUTOSAR production program.
Thus, the client was looking for an expert AUTOSAR partner who could not only supply AUTOSAR software but also bring strong local execution competence in different regions on the globe.
The client chose KPIT for its first production program due to the following reasons:
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 150+ projects over AUTOSAR R3.x, R4.x
  • Global presence of AUTOSAR software experts
KPIT's Solution

Flexray is a time triggered protocol that requires stringent time synchronization. Hybrid ECU had 4 micro-controllers, thus major challenge was faced to achieve state synchronization between micros. The ECU had to be rightly synchronized to ensure internal states matched with the ECU states.
  • AUTOSAR basic software stack
  • Diagnostics services configuration
  • Integration of CAN, Flexray, Communication Stack, Application Software component
  • AUTOSAR based boot loader - development & integration (CAN and FLEXRAY)
  • Boot loader gateway to flash 4 micro-controllers using Flexray communication
  • Automotive OEM specific integration testing
KPIT executed this project across multiple geographies including India, North America and Germany. KPIT's US team at the Tier 1's site was responsible for integration of KPIT deliverables with the Tier 1's application & testing. The team at Germany was responsible for coordinating with the Tier 1 and issue management at the OEM site.

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Scope of work for KPIT - High alignment with customer processes, practices, tools
Success Factors

With KPIT's AUTOSAR experts in US and Europe, Tier 1 team was able to resolve integration issues relatively faster. Thus KPIT's global execution paradigm was a major success factor for this engagement
Tier 1 group was new to OEM tests but KPIT's experience of working in the OEM customer ecosystem helped them undergo actual OEM acceptance testing. All the custom tests were executed by KPIT to ensure full compliance to OEM requirements
Proven track record in AUTOSAR basic software stack production and AUTOSAR expertise ensured that the first AUTOSAR production program for the Tier 1's team was a success. The Tier 1 as well as teams working at KPIT received accolades and appreciation from the OEM
Tags: AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR Basic Software Stack, Communication Stack, Flexray, Hybrid ECU, Integration Testing, AUTOSAR Boot loader, Flexray communication, AUTOSAR software, CAN, Application Software component, ECU synchronization, Flexray time synchronization

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