ADAS and Autonomous Driving

ADAS and Autonomous Driving

The mobility paradigm is on the cusp of change. The Automotive Industry and not so traditional players from other industries are working on various pursuits to make automobiles more intelligent, safer, and more convenient - eventually wanting to bring cars that drive themselves.
While the industry witnesses a surge in 'Advanced Driver Assistance Systems' and 'Autonomous Driving' (ADAS/AD) features driven by regulatory pressures and consumer demands, the OEMs and Tier 1s face following challenges:
Lack of strong understanding of the domain
Need for innovation in feature development
Need to increase development speed i.e. with
software content increasing, can they develop at 100X speed?
Inability to create and nurture partnerships
Center of Excellence (CoE)

Looking for an engineering partner with expertise in areas of ADAS and Autonomous Driving system engineering,
development and validation?

Over the last 10 years, at KPIT, we have established an ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Center of Excellence (CoE) that comprises

People & Domain - ADAS and Autonomous Driving

People & Domain

Large number of engineers that are extensively trained on development of production grade ADAS/AD systems and work on such systems comprising system engineering, development and validation

R&D investment - ADAS and Autonomous Driving

R&D Investments

Development of technology nuggets - algorithms, AUTOSAR Integration Framework, Validation Framework.



Partnership with hardware manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, semicon vendors and platform providers

process and productivity - ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Process & Productivity

Expertise of aligning development with industry standards, such as AUTOSAR, ISO26262

KPIT’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) Capability Overview
The journey towards Driverless Automobiles is filled with challenges. Learn how KPIT can partner with you to address these key challenges while developing certain aspects of the Autonomous Vehicle or building Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
KPIT's Advanced Driver Assistance System Capability (ADAS) Overview
System Engineering is fast becoming a key functional area in the Automotive Industry, especially in development of Autonomous Vehicles.
Manaswini Rath, Head: ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Group at KPIT Technologies, shares her views on Auto Tech Review.

System Engineering and Functional Safety
System Engineering and Functional Safety
Requirement Engineering
Architecture Modeling
Functional Safety (ISO 26262)
System Modeling
Feature Development
Feature Development
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Control Modeling
Multi-core Implementation
Multi-core Implementation
Experience on Multi-core Platforms
Annotation and Labeling
Annotation and Labeling
Bounding Box Annotation
Semantics Annotation
Precise Annotation and Labeling
3D Annotation and Labeling
Verification and Validation
Verification and Validation
Component Testing (Camera, Radar, Lidar)
Independent Verification and Validation
Virtual Environment Validation
Safety Validation
Vehicle Validation
KPIT helps an Automotive Tier 1 with Algorithm Development for a NVPD system
The Automotive Tier 1 aimed to enable driver and pedestrian safety by developing a technologically advanced Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection system for a production program of an OEM. KPIT's vision algorithms are platform agnostic and can be customized as per OEM requirements.
Enable Safe and Convenient Driving Experiences

Partner with us to provide a safer and convenient driving experience to end users by producing intelligent ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems
KPIT can completely own the development, testing and the integration of vision algorithms that are platform agnostic and can be customized as per OEM requirements with minimal modifications. We provide end-to-end support for such algorithms that are needed to conform to various conditions, such as texture of pedestrian clothes, weather conditions, light intensity and many more.
Talk to Our Experts
Our Team is Happy to Address your Embedded Software Challenges in ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems
Success Stories

Strategic partner in development of Autonomous vehicle program for an OEM

Wide engagement that includes Feature development, AUTOSAR Integration, Build process, Feature simulation, Functional validation, Porting and optimization in HW System Engineering, Functional Safety consulting (ISO26262).

Control Algorithms for Autonomous Tractor for IFE Manufacturer

Algorithms focus on Path Planning, Guidance & Control, Object Detection, Optimizing route for coverage, Basic software and embedded implementation.

An Automotive Tier 1 partnered with KPIT for development of Augmented Reality - HUD algorithm

KPIT owned algorithms such as - LDW, FCW, Pedestrian Detection and have been implemented and integrated for a HUD environment.

Integration of ADAS algorithms for an Automotive Tier 1

Strategic partner with an Automotive Tier 1 for ADAS that includes ADAS validation, Feature development, Implementation in multicore platforms, Product Maintenance and customer interactions for requirement gathering.

Multicore Implementation expertise for Autonomous Algorithms
Explore KPIT’s Autonomous Driving solutions for code optimization, code migration, platform portability and more

Feature Development – Building blocks of Autonomous Vehicles
Know more about KPIT’s expertise, platforms, tools and libraries for Autonomous Vehicles feature development

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