Evolution of E/E Architecture

Traditional Distributed Architecture

Separate ECUs for specific functions

Limited functional integration

Low speed network based on CAN/LIN/Flexray

Modular Architecture with hardware centric system integration

Cross Domain Centralized Architecture

Domain specific domain-Controllers

Cross-domain controller with higher level of software consolidation

Cloud Connectivity

High-speed Ethernet as backend network

Central Computer Based Zone Architecture

Centralized architecture with domain-independent “Central Computer”

Zone ECU with very high domain independent software consolidation

Gigabit network with multi-Gigabit switches and new network tech

Deep cloud integration with more and more functions based on cloud

What it means for End users

Continuous Connectivity & Customization

The vehicle will be continuously connected to the its environment enabling real time data exchange. This will enable feature and app enhancement in real time. Driver can download and install the features as per his/her choice and requirements creating more value for the user . The new features will be readily available to the users.

Driving Experience

The Software-Defined Vehicles will completely transform the driving experience bringing more comfort, convenience & safety for the passengers. Wouldn’t it be great if the driver can take a powernap while the vehicle steers itself towards the destination or the nearest battery charging station!

Flexible Pricing

The possibility of subscription or royalty-based pricing will enable users to choose from various options making them more pocket friendly for vehicle users

What it means for vehicle manufacturers

Software Hardware Decoupling

A software defined approach means a change in the entire architecture of the vehicle for OEMs. This in turn means huge investments or development of a partner ecosystem to develop an end-to-end scalable, updatable & modular architecture

Market Differentiation

Digital transformation means that OEMs will have a chance to differentiate themselves by offering innovative feature sets and lucrative pricing plans to capture a larger market share.

Unexplored post-purchase revenue streams

The new business models will open new sources of additional revenue for OEMs and automakers. While royalty & subscription-based services already have high adoption rates, data monetization is an unexplored territory with a huge potential.

Transformation towards Software Defined Vehicles

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