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MARCH 2020

Working in the New Normal- Our commitment to our employees and clients during the times of COVID-19 crisis

The last few weeks have been a true test of resolve and resilience for KPITians. From ramping up hardware infrastructure, extending digital collaboration tools to updating policies we have done whatever it takes for the safety of our employees and upholding commitment towards our clients. A big kudos to the core teams from all functions who have stayed vigilant & stood guard as KPIT prepared to ensure maximum employees can work remotely and stay productive.

In response to major restrictions at the workplace - most of us are now enabled to Work from Home and are settling into this new normal.
The gravity of the situation demands that we now respond with required intensity, making it our foremost PRIORITY and GOAL to keep our commitments to clients.

Here's a brief of where we stand across our offices:

India: Several government advisories between March 17th – 24th on work from home, ended with a nationwide 21-day shutdown starting March 25th. Our preparedness helped to enable all our employees in India.
Europe & USA: Most of our teams are working remotely following advisories given by the local government.
Japan, Korea, and Thailand: Teams are working remotely.
China: After a couple of months of extreme caution, teams are now gradually resuming work from KPIT or client locations.

We thank our clients, partners and importantly our employees for the caution, patience, and commitment they have shown in preparing towards the crisis.

Stay safe! Stay Healthy! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Awareness building through regular communication

The updates in the newsletter capture stories between the later part of February

until the end of March. Until COVID-19 spread across several countries where we have operations, our employees came together at their respective workplaces as usual.

The updates in the newsletter capture stories between the later part of February

until the end of March.

Celebrating Women Automobelievers at KPIT

We thank all those women who have chosen KPIT to pursue their careers and are Reimagining Mobility and making KPIT, a best place to grow.

Women’s Day Celebrations in India

At our Pune and Bangalore offices women automobelievers were given a surprise flash mob performance by their male colleagues as a gesture to celebrate the contribution of women in their professional lives. A health talk on ‘Lifestyle disorders in women’ was organized where women discussed aspects of health with medical professionals. Cakes, chocolates, and gifts were commonplace and extended as a gesture to female colleagues by their team members

Women automobelievers across KPIT posed with #EachForEqual sign, which is this year's theme to recognize, champion and support women of all backgrounds who dare to innovate, lead, and uplift others towards a more equal and inclusive workplace.

Women’s Day Celebrations in Germany

At all our Germany offices, women were greeted with flowers as a token of appreciation. Also, a yummy breakfast was organized for women automobelievers while they went through some insights about leading women in the automotive industry.

Women’s Day Celebrations in the US

At our KPIT office in Novi, US women's day was celebrated with conversations over a cup of tea. They exchanged their personal and professional accomplishments with each other and had snacks together.

KPIT Chairman Ravi Pandit appointed to the Board of Governors of the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research

The Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, as the president of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has nominated Mr. Ravi Pandit as a member to the Board of Governance of the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research. Read More>

Working with top brands and tech leaders in mobility

3rd edition of KPIT PACCAR Cricket League

KPIT and PACCAR had the 3rd edition of KPCL (KPIT PACCAR Cricket League) at 'Spark Cricket Ground' in Pune. Bill Naber, MD, PACCAR India, Joe Lotz, Engineering director, PACCAR India, and Avinash Badave, Director Delivery, KPIT inaugurated the event by lighting Lamp and releasing KPCL balloons in the air. More than 160 people formed 15 teams (12 Men + 3 Women) and played the cricket league wearing KPCL jerseys. Team names were based on 'Fort names' in Maharashtra (example – Jabardast Janjira, Raigad Kings, Shivnerichya Hirkani). There was a website that was launched to show details of matches, fixtures, rules, and timings. Also, the matches were broadcasted live on YouTube. Bill Naber and Joe Lotz played matches under team Pratapgad Frontier.

Automobelievers taking the leap

Vinit Teredesai, Chief Financial Officer, KPIT was

selected for CFO India's 10th Annual CFO100 Roll of Honour

CFO100 Roll of Honour is a tribute to commemorate the exceptional contribution to corporate finance and celebrate leading finance leaders and their achievements. The CFO100 2020 felicitation ceremony was conducted during the Annual CFO Leadership Conclave which was organized from 28th February - 1st March 2020, at Crowne Plaza, Jaipur.

Best place to grow

KPITtea Time at Munich, Germany

500+ KPITians participated in "KPITea Time" at our Munich campus. KPITea Time is a monthly company meet where important updates across KPIT are shared with the employees. This meet is a popular platform amongst employees in Germany, where people get to know the latest updates from the leadership team. Teams from Autonomous Driving, Vehicle Diagnostics, Electric Powertrain, AUTOSAR attended KPITea Time.

More than 100 KPITians complete the UDACITY

Nanodegree program.

The autonomous driving space is witnessing rapid growth with the adoption of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, deep learning, and Big Data. Working on these technology domains demands that KPITians are updated and equipped with the latest developments and technology trends to be able to provide the best solutions to accelerate the realization of our customers' vision. With this objective, in November 2018, KPIT forged a partnership with Udacity to enable KPITians to learn and upskill on the new technologies in this domain. Under this initiative, more than 100 KPITians have completed UDACITY Nanodegree programs. These programs have helped KPITians contribute to complex customer programs and take on bigger responsibilities Here are KPITians - Aniruddha and Jeneetta talking about their experience of the Nanodegree program.

Aniruddha Nadgouda

KPIT, Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree Graduate.

To know his experience, Click here>

Jeneetta Al Abraham

KPIT, Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree Graduate.

To know her experience,Click here>

Professor Toshiro Kneko from Tohuku University visits KPIT

We are always looking for opportunities for KPITians to learn, explore and excel. Keeping the same in mind we invited Professor Toshiro Kaneko from the Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering, Plasma Science Engineering at Tohuku University, Japan to deliver an open house technical session on "Plasma Technology and Applications" at our Pune campus. Professor Kaneko's research areas include Plasma Science and Electron/Electric Material Engineering. He has published many technical papers and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards.

Fun at Work

‘Carnival Tuesday’ in Germany

KPITians in Germany celebrated "Carnival Tuesday". The day is part of Carnival celebrations popular across Germany. The Carnival tradition goes back 5000 years in time, with people celebrating the end of winter and nearing of the fasting period of Lent. Central to the festivities is to munch on Doughnuts. They were made popular by the monks & the church, readying people for the fasting period.

KPITians setting young minds up for success

A team of KPITians in Bangalore and their family members visited Thayimane, a foster home for children. The volunteers spent time with the children as they set up a library & a computer lab. While segregating the books in the library, employees lost themselves in the process just to rediscover the inner child in them.
Employees wore the hat of 'passionate techies' as they got down to the basics of installing software and setting up the computer lab. It was a day well spent for all volunteers, everyone had fun, they relived their childhood memories while working towards the social cause of education. Education is one of the primary focus areas for our CSR volunteers.

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