High Tech

High Tech

Current Trends
The Solution

As innovators and drivers of consumer change, High Tech companies adapt for technological advancements by focusing on modernizing their existing systems and processes to capitalize on opportunities. High Tech companies need to evaluate technologies to differentiate their business, Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Analytics, Product and Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Quality Management, Environmental Accounting and Reporting (sustainability), Modern Marketing processes and solutions, CRM, and Modern Supply Chain solutions, among others.

How can KPIT Help

KPIT provides offerings across the value chain - from product ideation to conceptualization, prototype, production to sales and aftermarket support.

KPIT Service Areas
Application and
Infra Managed Services
of Things
Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)
Big Data and Analytics
Value Chain Collaboration
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Human Capital Management
KPIT Offering Highlights for High Tech

Success Stories and Testimonials
"Juniper Networks wanted to increase customer satisfaction levels through a superior customer support solution that enabled faster resolution, more accurate issue routing, better case management and increased agent productivity. KPIT helped them achieve this goal with a modernized platform that expanded their capabilities and integrated case handling across all online and offline support channels."

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