Automotive Subsystems Offerings

KPIT has developed the ability to recognize, create and utilize opportunities for product development and innovation. We enable our clients to achieve and manage business-transforming success through innovative products and ideas. Our deep-seated innovation culture enables us to go beyond boundaries and deliver high-value, high-impact solutions to our customers.

KPIT’s Product Engineering services and solutions are tailored to accelerate your product development process, enabling you to shrink the turnaround time across the product development lifecycle and introduce products faster to market. We provide value to our customers by helping them respond swiftly to market demands and ensure profitability by reducing development costs.

We operate at the forefront of new trends and discoveries and help our customers build intelligent products and help them bring those products to the market much before others. 

We offer industry-focused services in areas such as Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. Some of our services include:

  • Research, Design and Development
  • Software Designing and Testing
  • Embedded testing & diagnostics
  • UI & Application development
  • Verification and validation
  • Product support



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Scaled up by 33% to deliver AUTOSAR software stack & solutions to a Korean OEM

The client had decided to adopt AUTOSAR standard for ECU software. The OEM expected KPIT to develop superior quality AUTOSAR Basic Software in a short span of time. The OEM also expected the partner to help them acquire AUTOSAR best practices and successfully roll out AUTOSAR software in their eco-system.

Tags: AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR integration, ECU, AUTOSAR basic software, AUTOSAR standard, AUTOSAR software stack, software safety, functional safety, AUTOSAR training, compliance, AUTOSAR BSW platform, software architecture

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HMI Design, Business Logic and Middleware development for a high end Infotainment System of an European Tier1

The client (German Tier1) had to deliver a high end infotainment system within 3 years for a production program. The client expected KPIT to completely own the activities ranging from HMI & applications development, Business Logic development to part of middleware development, and V&V strategies.

Tags: infotainment, GENIVI, HMI, Qt, QML, V&V, Bluetooth connectivity, Vehicle functions, business logic, middleware development, application layer, navigation, unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, HMI Screens, HMI features, unipro, IBM Doors, CM Synergy, Change Synergy, KLOC Work,, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody, Bullseye, SiTEMPPO, C++, Google Test Framework, Valgrind

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Auto-Code Generation in Record time for a Tier1’s Transmission System

The client (Tier1) wanted to generate auto codes from the models in the shortest possible time to validate their new CVT’s architecture for a production program. KPIT’s commitment to this engagement helped in successful generation of auto codes in half the time, with the same number of resources compared to industry standards.

Tags: autocoding, model based development, autocode generation, modeling, MATLAB, Simulink, Targetlink, Verification & validation, SIL, MIL, V&V, models, auto-coding, transmission system, CVT, continuously variable transmission, software in loop, model in loop

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