Wiring Harness Development Offerings for Electric Vehicle


Wiring Harness design is one of the vital aspects of electric and hybrid vehicle systems for transmitting power and information. KPIT has been delivering engineering solutions for various wiring harness platforms across the vehicle industry. Our offerings are scalable and configurable based on vehicle type, and include:

  • Electrical architecture integration & harness optimization
  • Wiring harness design and development, along with software integration
  • Simulation and validation of wiring harness systems

Wiring Harness Development Offerings

Wiring Harness Development Offerings

KPIT has developed a comprehensive process for wiring harness design and development, which includes various considerations as
shown below:

  • Schematic
  • Mechanical Data
  • Configuration Data
  • Component Specification
  • Harness Model & Drawing
  • Formboard Drawings
  • Manufacturing Reports
  • Test Reports

wiring harness design