Digital Twin Solutions to Optimize Development Process & Cost


KPIT is one of the leading solutions and services providers in the mobility industry, which is undergoing rapid technology transformation
into electric mobility, connected vehicles and autonomous driving. With rapid advancements in battery technology, and the development
of electric powertrains, Digital Twin are beginning to play a crucial role in saving time and costs associated with product development and R&D.

KPIT is implementing Digital Twin in product development to accelerate the development process and reduce costs. Our initial applications in EV Battery, e-Motors, steering columns, drivetrains and electronic systems have demonstrated direct savings of 30%-40% in efforts and timelines, along with other benefits.

Digital Twin Advantage

Digital Twin Library

Benefits using KPIT's Digital Twin Solutions:

  • 30% savings in development time by running design iterations
  • Quick connect to support IoT platforms for deployment
  • Connectivity with multiple modeling domains and languages, Including to third-party tool integration