KSAR OS for Multicore and Safety Applications

The KSAR Operating System can be used in ISO26262-compliant ECUs with ASIL-D safety levels. It is safety certified, and its development process is certified by EXIDA and TUV. At its core, the KSAR OS is compatible with OSEK/VDX specification, as well as the latest AUTOSAR specifications.


  • Supports Multicore; deployed up to 6 cores
  • Supports Task periodicity up to 50 Microseconds
  • Supports SC1 to SC4 scalability class
  • Supports Memory Protection and Timing Protection
  • Supports diverse range of Micro families from NXP, Infineon, Xilinx, Broadcom, TI, Cypress, Renesas, STMicro etc.

The KSAR OS is configurable using the Graphical C4K Config editor. Its high configurability allows users to have an OS with optimized memory footprint and CPU load. It also provides additional support for:

  • CPU load calculation mechanism for performance measurements and timing analysis
  • ORTI- Run Time Profiling for Efficient Debugging
  • Global time synchronization
  • Protection Error Handling


Basic Functionalities:

  • Task
  • Event
  • Counter & Alarm
  • Resource
  • Interrupts
  • Scheduling


Critical Features

  • OSEK OS (All Conformance Classes)
  • Counter Interface
  • Schedule Tables
  • Stack Monitoring*
  • Protection Hook
  • Timing Protection*
  • Global Time/Synchronization Support
  • Memory Protection*
  • OS-Applications
  • Service Protection*
  • Call Trusted Function

Note: * denotes Safety Features