KSAR Operating System ported on Microchip’s dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers

KPIT has successfully ported its KSAR Operating System (KSAR OS) onto Microchip’s dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers family.

The dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) offer fast deterministic performance to address automotive design requirements. Featuring Digital Signal Processor (DSP) engine for accelerated performance and various application-specific peripherals, they simplify designing General Automotive, Advanced Sensing, Engine Control Unit, Motor Control, Digital Power, and Touch applications. These DSCs are AUTOSAR-ready and enable designing automotive applications as per ISO 26262 Functional Safety compliance and implementing robust security.

The KSAR OS can be used in ISO26262-compliant ECUs. It is safety certified, and its development process is certified by EXIDA and TUV. It is compatible with the OSEK/VDX as well as the latest AUTOSAR specifications.

Highlights of the Joint solution

Micro controller: dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers

Software Requirements:

  • Compiler: Solution is available with XC16 Functional Safety Compiler and can be ported to other compilers
  • IDE & Debugger: MPLAB X IDE, Trace 32 IDE, Lauterbach Debugger

OS Features:

  • OS development includes all basic functionalities and Timing Protection
  • AUTOSAR 4.3.1 compliant with task configuration using GUI tool
  • Safety ASIL-B compliant
  • OSEK Run Time Interface: GUI support to display the status of configured tasks