K-DCP Engineering Platform

Today, as OEMs juggle between legacy and industry standards based diagnostic solutions, their system engineers face an extensive learning curve in coming to terms with the nuances of multiple standards and coming up with holistic diagnostic designs.

This situation calls for a ‘ready to use’ solution, which doesn’t warrant an extensive understanding of standards, and instead enables the users to focus on and leverage their core domain know-how, i.e. System design.

The K-DCP Engineering Platform is such an integrated tool-set which caters to all diagnostic engineering use-cases and processes across the OE vehicle development flow.

K-DCP Engineering Platform

The Engineering platform has been designed to embrace and leverage the benefits of data re-usability, transparency and uniformity throughout the development process, and consists of tools that enable the OEM system and component engineers to seamlessly execute activities ranging from:

  • Diagnostic data specification development
  • ECU diagnostic data authoring
  • Developing test sequences for ECU validation
  • Executing ECU sequence and conformance tests

The Engineering Platform’s integrated environment provides complete transparency based on dashboards visualizing the ECU life-cycle and diagnostic maturity at corresponding quality gates.

K-DCP Engineering Platform Components:

  • Database Designer (DBD NG) : Offers a working environment for diagnostic data authoring of all ECUs within a vehicle. It allows user to create ISO compliant ODX data in compliance with customer specifications and requirements
  • ECU Editor (E) : An authoring environment for diagnostic data based on ASAM/ISO standards. It allows guided diagnostic functions authoring and modification of diagnostic information
  • Authoring Suite (AS) : An authoring environment for the creation of OTX specification and realizable OTX sequences based on customer requirements. It generates OTX based on ASAM/ISO
  • Engineering Tester (ET) : Used for testing diagnostic sequences and data, communication protocols, bus monitoring, perform flashing and to alter the calibration data contained in Electronic Control Modules.
  • ECU Validator (V) : An automated diagnostic compliance tester tool. It enables diagnostic protocol testing and ECU implementation validation
  • Enterprise Integration Platform : A cloud-based Enterprise integration platform serves as the integration medium for the engineering tool-set, which allows for unified data sets (ODX, OTX) to be re-purposed across the engineering life-cycle

Through complete integration with the OE IT systems, the platform allows the users to move away from a file based data management approach, whilst accessing a centralized data store.

The journey utilizing the K-DCP Engineering Platform ends with a successful and validated delivery to all downstream customers

The K-DCP Engineering platform Enables >30 % reduction in authoring efforts, with improved and consistent data quality