Integrated Battery System Development


The mobility industry is rapidly transforming from conventional powertrain systems to hybrid and electric powertrains. The battery pack forms the core of electric powertrains and significantly influences the design of other powertrain components. KPIT’s battery pack design solutions are based on a holistic approach and integrate the electro-chemical, mechanical, electrical, controls and software aspects of the design.

The advantages of such an approach are:

  • Vehicle requirements linkage to cell chemistry and cell configuration
  • Significant reduction in time spent on planning & analysis
  • Optimal packaging solution for the battery pack, including multiple alternatives

Battery System Development Offerings

Battery System Development Offerings

KPIT Accelerators for Battery System Development

Battery Configurator

  • Cell & Module Layout
  • Battery Pack CAD
  • Pack Level Optimization
  • Validated Electrical Configurator

Thermal Sizing

  • Heat Dissipated in Battery System
  • C-Rate VS. Temperature for Battery Pack
  • Drive Cycle VS. C-Rate Power Drawn