Smart Charge Solution Integrated with KSAR

KPIT’s charging communication software and testing solutions along with its KSAR stack provide the necessary tools and help reduce the overall engineering cost by ~ 20%. The customizable and scalable EVCC platform helps accelerate OEM’s and Tier1s Time to Market by taking ownership of Software Integration for production readiness.


KSAR 4.2.2 platform and compatible software: integration with 3rd party AUTOSAR stack

Conform to Global Standards

ISO/IEC15118, DIN SPEC 70121, GB/T 27930 and CHAdeMO Standards

EVCC Reference Hardware Design

Generic Charging Control Unit platform

Conformance Testing Suite

ISO 15118 Part4, Part5 and DIN 70122 conformance test cases

Ready to use Application
Software Components

SWC_IEC61851, SWC_J1772 and SWC_GBT18487


Software crypto driver and HSM implementation to handle ISO 15118 requirements