Improving Memory Utilisation for Lighter ECUs


AUTOSAR stacks such as KSAR help OEMs and Tier1s to achieve software standardization. However, most of them are developed to support complex and high compute applications requiring high memory consumption while the lighter applications need only specific modules within the AUTOSAR stack. Considering this KPIT has introduced solutions to improve memory optimization for the lighter ECUs


  • Optimized platform SW for smaller ECUs
  • Architecture based on AUTOSAR Implementation Conformance Class- ICC2
  • Single Configuration Tool for Classic, Adaptive and LW-KSAR
  • Bus Level Compatibility with Classic AUTOSAR ECUs

Comparison with Classic AUTOSAR

Metrics Classic KSAR LW KSAR Units
Number of Modules 46 11 Number
ROM Consumption ~ 350 – 450 ~ 165 KB
RAM Consumption ~ 80 – 150 ~ 15* KB
Boot loader
ROM Consumption ~ 16 KB
RAM Consumption ~ 8 KB