K-DCP Connected Diagnostics Solution

The idea of the connected vehicle is not new; indeed, we see software-over-the-air as an acknowledgement that this revolution has already begun. It is, however, what the connection is and how it is used that will be disruptive. Imagine the scenario where all vehicles can communicate remotely, can send diagnostic event information, and can receive operational commands.

As a leader in vehicle diagnostics, KPIT is aware of the potential benefits of a connected diagnostics solution. The KPIT ‘Connected Diagnostics’solution utilizes its proven diagnostics products and services to deliver a standards-based, scalable and an end-to-end solution.

K-DCP Connected Diagnostics Solution

The K-DCP connected diagnostics solution allows for the execution of some key use-cases which have the potential to accelerate vehicle issue resolution, improve vehicle uptime and enhance the overall customer experience.

A few of them are outlined below:

  • Over the Air Updates : This is a use -case that is already partially covered in the industry, but it is still valid. A connected vehicle can benefit from OTA updates
  • Vehicle State Monitoring : A key use-case is the monitoring and publication of vehicle state. This allows an organization to use its intelligence to proactively ensure that a vehicle does not reach an un-drivable state. Interaction with the customer and external agencies can aid ahead for failure. This can additionally be used as a platform for predictive maintenance
  • Vehicle State Recovery : In some instances it is possible to recover vehicle state sufficiently (via diagnostic commands) that a vehicle can be safely made drivable again. This can be leveraged by recovery and customer assistance teams to keep a customer on the road

Core Components

The core components of the K-DCP Connected Diagnostics solution include:

  • Embedded Diagnostic Platform : The KPIT embedded diagnostic platform is a fully-featured, standards-based diagnostics stack that can is designed to operate in a resource-constrained environment such a telematics ECU. This is the vehicle interface, where ODX data and OTX sequences are leveraged to perform diagnostic operations. With our MCD-3D Server and our D-PDU API vehicle interface we provide a complete diagnostic system for integration in various applications
  • Analytics : No solution is complete without competent analytics to make sense of the data streams that become available as part of a connected solution. KPIT has groups dedicated to data mining and trend analytics in order to deliver best-in-class data visualization, which can be leveraged as a foundation for predictive maintenance
  • Enterprise Integration : KPIT differentiates itself by specializing in end-to-end solutions. This is a key aspect in a successful deployment of any new system. Its ability to integrate with existing systems within your organization

KPIT’s connected diagnostics solution is being readied for next generation service-oriented diagnostics for Adaptive Autosar/ high-performance controller (HPC) based connected vehicles.

The K-DCP Connected Diagnostics solution is in productive use and is adding 10M+ vehicles every year