Globalization and an increasing need for agility cause organizations to change. Whether they seek market leadership, economies of scale or operational effectiveness, firms engage in mergers, acquisitions, realignment and divestitures to foster growth and realize benefits and gains to shareholders. As a result, companies need to quickly and cost-effectively adapt their IT landscapes.
Learn how KPIT's SAP STRATOS M&A can fuel your inorganic business growth!
KPIT's Stratos M&A framework empowers you to:
Retain Value : Our robust integration framework minimizes your customer and employee attrition
Realize Value : Our thought leadership lets you compress your time-to-value for envisioned process and operational improvements
Create Value : Our delivery and governance model ensure that you rapidly and accurately realize the synergies driving your M&A initiative
Stratos M&A framework
Our Capability

The KPIT DREAM (Divestitures, Rollouts, Enterprise Reorgs, Acquisitions, and Mergers) team has a proven success record of partnering with large enterprises and making their SAP Integration roadmap and M&A journey a business success. We focus on Business Transformation to drive value from the program by addressing the three main value enablers - People, Processes, & Technology.
KPIT's Stratos M&A methodware empowers organizations to define their own global template, M&A integration playbook and toolset to address their unique transformational needs. Leverage:
KPIT's own M&A Toolbox including Industry Edge solutions, tools, & templates
Globalization & Localization
Data Strategy including harmonization, mapping, & conversion
Your Success

KPIT's industry experience, SAP expertise and thought leadership empower your new entity to:
Mitigate risk and avoid business disruption: utilizing KPIT's proven M&A methodology, risk management, OCM & delivery excellence
Improve financial management: redefine the enterprise org structure, integrate financial reporting, and streamline the month end close process
Maintain operational excellence: streamline business processes and manufacturing
Enhance agility: respond more quickly to change
Unify and simplify: identify synergies and leverage existing processes
Drive adoption & improve productivity: leveraging existing and best practice processes
Become Innovative : establish foundation for growth leveraging new technologies
Enable Employees
Solution Framework

Business Transformation and M&A Value Roadmap
The KPIT team has a proven success record of making the ERP Integration roadmap and journey of our clients going through M&A a business success.
Organizational Readiness
Equally critical is taking adoption of SAP system and processes through Organization/ People management.
M&A Integration Approach & Project Delivery
Through years of experience, KPIT has developed StratosM&A - our structured approach and methodology used to successfully take our customers through a major transformation.
Govern Program and Deliver Value
Being on-time, on-budget, as well as reducing risk and business impact is the basic tenet of our SAP integration and implementation DNA. What is more important is driving your business goals in the process – managing fit-gap of systems, data, people and process across organizations, closing the books faster, improving the efficiency of order processing, invoicing accurately, creating a single source of truth, and providing value added services to your customers.

Stratos M&A Solution Overview
Globalization and an increasing need for agility cause organizations to change


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