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KPIT Technologies GMBH is a subsidiary of KPIT Technologies in Europe. KPIT GMBH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and strategically setup to drive new technologies, innovation from Germany.

The centers of excellence across Munich, Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Sweden look at local adoption of our best practices around the globe. With a diverse team comprising of 25+ nationalities , KPIT is a strategic partner of choice to leading Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s in Europe.

MicroFuzzy GmbH is a member of the KPIT group and specializes in solutions for Electric Powertrain.Read More

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Employee Testimonials

Software Developer

I like working in KPIT because it gives me the opportunity to work with a lot of dedicated experts in the automotive field. Although I joined KPIT right after university, I had the chance to take responsibility for tasks and therefore grow as a software developer and person at an early stage in my career. KPIT allows me to grow not only by doing day-to-day work, but also by providing me learning materials and courses to further enhance my skills and knowledge. There is also a portion of pride involved when working for KPIT, since we work with the top brands and make a difference in reimagining mobility worldwide.

Experienced Software Developer

Belief that success comes only by offering top-of-the-line work quality is the motto we are constantly reminding ourselves at KPIT Technologies. As engineers we challenge our knowledge on a daily basis, thus constantly growing not only as individuals but as a team as well. We enjoy what we do and we are proud to be working with the top tech leaders in mobility on a common goal of changing the future as we know it

Scrum Master

Working at KPIT gives me the chance to get to work with tech leaders from top brands as well as the opportunity to shape the future of mobility with cutting edge technologies. Having the freedom to take risks, experiment and learn while taking pride in my work and my team’s accomplishments are essential parts I enjoy at KPIT.

Offices in Europe
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