KPIT extended PLM (ePLM)

KPIT extended PLM (ePLM)

What We Do
What is Extended PLM?
Find out how KPIT's Extended Product Lifecycle Management team helps accelerate product innovation.
What We Do

Innovative Products need an optimized Innovation Process, with the right information at the right place at the right time. With our holistic approach, KPIT EPLM ensures your Product Development Process is executed efficiently and that your Product is developed according to requirements and market needs on time and on budget.
Learn more about how we support you comprehensively.
What are your business challenges? PLM maturity level? What is your PLM strategy and realization levels? Learn how we collaborate with you on these strategic questions and more to establish PLM as a solid base for your strategy.
Are you looking for industry-specific solutions or subject matter expertise and best practices? Learn how we are utilizing our years of experience and industry expertise to analyze your processes and optimize processes.
Extensive system knowledge together with structured and standardized methods paired with clear responsibilities results in successful projects on-time and within budget. Read more about how we as a partner of the top system providers help you to implement and integrate your preferred software into your system and process environment.
The additional benefit of optimized processes and integrated systems is definitely the human factor. Learn more about how KPIT is enables your team to work collaboratively on your product development process.
Which geometrically similar parts will be purchased where? How many parts, with which price, in which quantity have you purchased last year? Can several similar parts get consolidated in to one? Read more about how we help you to analyze complex data in context to make the right decisions.
Industry Focus

We continuously strive & invest in building industry specific solutions, unifying our strengths of industry business process expertise, engineering thought leadership & IT technology in these select industry verticals.
Strategic Partnerships

Focusing on select technology providers, has allowed KPIT to invest & build a "360 degree strategic partner relationship" with the below top technology providers. Leverage our strong industry solutions, relationship with Product R&D and access to latest products & trainings.
Read Pawan sharma's latest insights on
The convergence of OT and IT in the Manufacturing industry
What's New?

SmartPLM @ KPIT - The increasing influence of "social media" technologies, user experience expectations like a "smart phone," shifting of infrastructure to "cloud" and most importantly “extended & integrated" lifecycle systems from technology providers, is forcing the manufacturing enterprises to modernize their existing xLM systems.
KPIT's SmartPLM is helping our clients in this 'Digital Transformation' journey in two ways:
Lab on Wheels
A multi-disciplinary team of technologists offering R&D services for you to evaluate some of these problem statements..
  • Is the new technology relevant for our needs?
  • Is there an ROI at all?
  • Can I use these technologies to movitave my internal customers to adopt PLM faster?
  • I need to improve user experience of my system
Solutions Marketplace
Ready to download solutions to some of the common problems using COTS as well as custom technologies. Coming soon…
KPIT Products
Seamless ERP to PLM integration
Our proprietary data loading tool made specifically for enhancing control and predictability in data migration
A tool for validating incoming CAD data and verifying PLM standards compliance
Managed Services and Hosting
Enhance your organization's efficiency, improve your IT cost structure, and provide an extra set of hands for an often
burdened IT staff. Our technical team has the expertise to handle your unique requirements, whether we are
completely managing your infrastructure, or providing remote system administration,
staff augmentation, as well as mentoring/training your team.
24x7 Secure Hosting
Proactive backup validation services
Performance tuning
Proactive maintenance & monitoring
Disaster Recovery Plan
Our customers on an average gain 4 percent cost savings and 10x ROI in the first 12 months. If you want to learn how to save on part costs,

Verify Data Integrity

Legend 10
CAD Data Migration Solution

Data Migration
More than decade of migrations have given us the experience to conduct them predictably and efficiently

iLink - The PLM Adaptor for ERP
Seamless ERP to PLM integration

Product Lifecycle Management
Products and Services

Managed Services & Hosting - Packaging Manufacturer Case Study
A global packaging manufactuer made a significant investment in PTC's Windchill PDMLink, a global PLM system

Global Product Registration
Medical Device Manufacturer

Tech Notes
Aerospace & Defense Contractor Case Study

CAD Data Migration
Science & Engineering Laboratory Case Study

Windchill Customization - Defense Contract Case Study
KPIT expertise in developing customized CAD integrations

Working Methods - Automotive Manufacturer Case Study
Working Methods Assessment for an Automotive Manufacturer as part of its successful deployment of Windchill 10.1

PTC Integrity Hosting - Automotive Manufacturer Case Study
PTC Integrity Hosting - Automotive Manufacturer Case Study

Profiler & Windchill
Automotive Manufactor Case Study

Watch how KPIT's iLink eliminates the uncertainties around cost & delivery of PLM & ERP integration

KPIT Legend - Validate your Datarnrnrn

PLM Analytics
AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in your engineering drawings, helps you make smarter decisions

Application Managed Services
Secure, remote support and hosting

Application Lifecycle Management
Proven technologies and practices to better manage software-intensive products

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