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  1. ECU projects and changing business models, what are the challenges for the automotive industry?
    Automotive systems have witnessed exponential growth in the complexity of electric and electronics systems. Advanced features such as Autonomous Driving, V2X Connectivity or Over the Air Updates demand an architecture which provides a more robust, scalable and dynamic platform. OEMs need to create an eco-system around their existing software platform to be able to control and manage all the increasing complexity.Adaptive AUTOSAR addresses these challenges and provides an agile and updateable software platform. With Adaptive AUTOSAR, feature ready vehicles can be deployed on road, giving OEMs the advantage of the faster time to market and thus roll out new business models.
  2. KPIT is recognized as a leading technology solution provider for Adaptive AUTOSAR. How can they help the automotive ecosystem?
    KPIT has been delivering successful AUTOSAR projects for more than 10 years. To execute an AUTOSAR project successfully, it is important to provide the right balance between products and services. During the execution of the projects, the dynamics of both products and services are very different. This is what KPIT can provide. With Adaptive AUTOSAR further dynamics are introduced. Drawing from KPIT’s diverse automotive experience, we are strengthening our offerings to cater to adaptive AUTOSAR projects in all parts.
  3. You are attending the Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services event in Gothenburg. Why do you think it is important to attend this event and to be present in this region?
    The Gothenburg region has a strong automotive presence and over the last few years, it has achieved international recognition thanks to events such as AUTOSAR Open Conference held in Gothenburg at the end of 2016. The growth of the automotive business in the region is strong and the need for experienced engineers is high. We, as KPIT, will be part of this journey through our planned development center in Gothenburg as well as our long-term strategy to become a trusted technology partner for the auto ecosystem in this region.
Congratulations! We look forward to your talk on 13th April at 2:00 PM. What can the audience expect?
The intention of the talk is to describe the new paradigms of Adaptive AUTOSAR and the new business model it brings along. We will talk about the need for an eco-system around these changes in our business.
Want to know more about advancements in ECU software and how adaptive AUTOSAR is shaping the automotive industry? Connect with Anders on LinkedIn, or schedule an appointment with us to meet our experts at the event. To schedule an appointment, click here.
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