Automobil Elektronik - a leading German automotive magazine - spoke live with Mr.Kishor Patil, CEO of KPIT, about various topics related to Automotive Software.
Read Excerpts below

  • More than 6,000 engineers work at KPIT in the CASE area, i.e. in the topics of connectivity, autonomy, shared mobility and electrification

    • The automotive industry is in urgent need of deep software competence – both from scale and expertise perspective – which is exactly KPIT’s value proposition

  • KPIT has written billions of lines of code on 100’s of vehicle programs and delivered software that is already in a large number of vehicle models on road

    • We are one of the largest “software focused” accelerator and integrator both in terms of size and knowhow of the latest technology areas

  • Our competency center in Germany brings expertise in the areas of Autonomous Driving, Powertrain Electrification, AUTOSAR and Diagnostics

    • I feel the emergence of an independent software Integrator as a partner for OEMs and Tier1s will be more prominent

  • The number one focus for us is the creation of defect-free software

    • Our vision: becoming the world's number one software accelerator and integrator for the automotive and mobility industry

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