New Age ECU Packaging Solutions


In modern vehicles, Electronic Control Units (ECU) plays an important role in control and operation of the systems. Majority of the sub systems are controlled electronically in modern cars. Autonomous drive high compute ECU are playing key role in reaching model car requirements. KPIT offers integrated engineering services of packaging solutions for ECUs & software with consideration of PCB component reliability, safety, functionality, ingress protection, thermal management and structural consideration.

Market Trends & KPIT Solution Areas

Market Trends & KPIT Solution Areas

Electronics Packaging Engineering - Highlights

Cooling System

  • Air Cooling System
  • Water Cooling System
  • Ducts Placements
Component Design

  • Heatsink Design
  • Case & Cover Design
  • Component Fixations

  • PCB/Thermal/Electrical/Se
    aling Systems
  • Vehicle Integration


  • Module Assemblies
  • Water, Dust Proof Design
CAE Simulations

  • PCB Thermal
  • PCB Structural
  • Drop Test
  • Reliability Studies
Styling & Aesthetic Design

  • Surface Design
  • Display, Optics Design

Dimensional Engineering

  • GD & T
  • Tolerance Stack Up Studies
Wiring Harness Connectors

  • High Voltage Harness
  • Low Voltage Harness
  • Bus Bar Routings
  • Clearance & Creepage

Key Highlights for Electronics Packaging:

  • Over 50+ ECU program supported
  • Cost reduction in 28-pin header design by reducing 47% plastic usage & simplified tool which reduced $0.5 per piece (1million production volume)
  • Implementation of simulation led design to expedite program timing