Women in mobility 2024 | Steering the future of mobility

Steering the Future:
Unleashing the power of women
in Mobility

Beyond skills and credentials, becoming a formidable women leader requires opportunity, guidance, resilience, passion, and the ability to connect with others. The journey transcends what we know and what meets the eye!

Women in mobility 2024 | inspiring journey

Be a part of an inspiring journey with the women shaping the world we drive in.

Women in mobility 2024 | Enriching experiences

Enriching experiences about leadership and diversity in mobility.

Women in mobility 2024 | expert opinions

Diverse Voices, Unified Vision, hear expert opinions of women driving the change in mobility.

Women in mobility 2024 | Actionable takeaways

Actionable takeaways from women who are steering the future of mobility.

Highlights from the enriching session on Women in Mobility 2024

View complete 90 minutes recording of

Thoughts our panelists shared at the session

Panelists till date include trailblazer women leaders from

Glimpses from our past editions

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