Highlights of the Month

MAY 2020

Becoming the Global No.1 Software Integration Partner

Kishor Patil, CEO of KPIT Technologies, interviewed by leading German automotive magazine - Automobil-Elektronik

A leading German automotive magazine, AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK interviewed Kishor Patil, Co-founder, MD, and CEO of KPIT, about various topics related to automotive software and the role KPIT plays as the mobility industry undergoes a paradigm shift. Kishor Patil spoke about KPIT’s positioning of becoming the Global No.1 Software Integration Partner in this Cover-interview. Further, he shared his perspective on the biggest ever disruption within the automotive industry, how Europe is a key geography for us and how we are pursuing to become No.1 software integration partner.

Read the interview in English & German
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Online Learning at KPIT in the New Normal

This year, KPIT successfully launched GENESIS - KPIT's flagship program to upskill the fresh engineering talents, over virtual mode. This enabled more than 700 recently graduated students, now KPITians to upskill their technical and soft skills. More, KPIT is keeping Automobelievers engaged with over 60 online courses on Automotive Technology, Agile, Project Management, Process Tools, and Behavioural skills. A total of 2562 KPITians enrolled for these courses, out of which 920 already got certified. KPITians are upskilling themselves in AUTOSAR, Python scripting, Automotive Protocols, Embedded C programming, etc. KPIT is further organizing webinars in collaboration with technology partners like Mathworks, Vector, SAE, and many others.

Resuming operations from KPIT offices

Here are some glimpses of our offices that are resuming operations in a slow and staggered manner

We trust all are doing well and keeping safe. It has been over 60 days of working remotely for many KPITians around the globe. However, at many locations, KPIT is resuming operations from its offices in a slow and staggered manner. We are following Government guidelines and ensuring the safety of employees while upholding client commitments. Keeping in mind the current situation, KPIT is being vigilant and is prepared to handle any contingencies.

  • KPIT China resumed operations from the offices on 10th Feb 2020.
  • KPIT India resumed operations from the offices in Bangalore on 7th May 2020 and Pune on 18th May 2020.
Further, to help maintain social distancing and ensure the safety of all in the offices, only a very few select employees with high hardware dependency are requested to resume work from the offices.

Moreover, all measures to ensure employee safety are in place at all these locations.

Social distancing in the offices in China: Minimum 6 ft of separation between seats and designated work-spaces for employees

Frequent & regular cleaning of surfaces; body temperature screening at the entrances across all the offices in Pune and Bangalore

Mandatory social distancing and usage of masks in Pune ensures the safety of all

Mandatory social distancing and usage of masks in Bangalore help keep everyone safe

Proactive communication on safe practices and tips through TV screens in the offices and an easy to follow picture guide

Download the Picture Guide

Clients speak

Words of appreciation for upholding commitments

while working remotely

The foresight of developing the BCP and the execution allowed engineering to maintain a 92% efficiency rating on tasks.
Global Commercial Vehicle OEM

We have been incredibly pleased with how the team has supported us through the challenges of the pandemic. We hope to see this continue in the coming months
American Tier-1

KPIT’s quick action allowed us to maintain business continuity and meet our customer’s expectations
Leading Tier-1

We did a great job in this PI by completing MIL/SIL testing for almost 47 rings and migrating 26 new rings. We did well adjusting to work from home and making sure Team PI Goals were met.
American OEM

We have been a in a very critical situation and still we managed to pull out one of critical release for us. Thanks a lot and we wish that we are able to get together soon and celebrate this moment.
Leading Battery Manufacturer

Practice leaders speak

Delivering value to clients while working remotely

We have demonstrated higher productivity in more than 75% of programs as engineers are able to spend more productive time while working from home. We have also been able to demonstrate higher quality of deliverables towards our mission of establishing zero defect delivery. We have received appreciations from our strategic clients against the demonstration of diligence, commitment and continuous reporting about the status during the crisis period. We are also been able to successfully bring out proactive proposals to our clients during this period which would bring higher value to their products while saving cost and accelerate their development cycle.

Dr. Manaswini Rath
VP & Global Head of Autonomous Driving

During this period, we have provided increased visibility of the work done with daily updates on progress to our clients. Increased focus on risk mitigation. Increased validation of software by remote log in wherever possible and using newer techniques like ECU Virtualization resulting in increased verification and reduced quality issues.

Nishant Tholiya
Vice President and Business Leader, Conventional and Electric Powertrain

We are leveraging cloud-based technologies where we have hosted development and test environments and they are accessed by the global team members seamlessly. Currently during the peak of the COVID19 crisis we have moved 100% of our operations to WFH while ensuring that there is no disruption to commitments made to our clients on our deliverables.

Srini Rao M
Associate Vice President and Business Leader, AUTOSAR

KPITians share positive experiences while

working from home

No matter how challenging the situation, it also brings opportunities. Here is what KPITians from Germany have to say on this.

I am working with colleagues across the globe. Corona has revealed that our team spirit persists, despite the crisis. The respect for each other and empathy has increased. People changed their habits, observe the physical distance rules and take care of high-risk.
Sebastian Huber

Head of Engineering Platform groups

I believe people will better appreciate the time spent with their dear ones, while the world will become more digitalized and connected, with more possibilities for home office/remote work.
Cristina Nica
Talent Acquisition Group

I have learned that the important things are the simplest and do not cost money. Now I have more contact with my family in Spain. We make a group video calls every day, that's great! I also have no excuse not to learn German!
Miriam Figueroa

Technical Safety Lead, ePowertrain

A stronger and more intensive connection with my colleagues across the globe is built. I get to learn more about the situation and well-being of my friends and colleagues at KPIT in Germany and India.
Christian Manhart
Program Manager, Diagnostics

Personally, it has been a period of reflection, primarily on values and on aspects of reconsidering our personal lives. Covid-19 may have changed our lives but has given us a chance to rebuild our society towards a better future.
Ana Baudendistel


This new working style may bring long-term benefits even after the current COVID-19 situation subsides, by adding extra benefits for the employees in time-saving, flexibility, and comfort.
Alexandra Patrascu
Talent Acquisition Group

Celebrating 200,000 followers - The KPIT LinkedIn community is now 200K followers strong

KPIT’s LinkedIn community is now over 200,000 followers strong. It is a proud moment for KPIT as it cherishes this diverse and rapidly growing global community united by the passion for mobility and technology.
Here are some interesting facts about KPIT’s LinkedIn page:

  • In the last year alone, 70,000 people started following KPIT
  • The page’s engagement rate stands at 15%, that’s 5 times more than the industry average of 3%
  • KPIT’s posts were viewed 10 million times in the last year
  • More than 10 of KPIT’s posts trended on LinkedIn, crossing 2500 likes and 200K impressions
KPITians together created stories that garnered countless likes, comments, shares & reactions- making #BrandKPIT stand out every single day.

While KPIT relishes this milestone, the best is yet to come.

A Novel Method of Charging Strategy Optimization -

KPITians shed light on the topic in their article published in SAE International Publications

A technical article by KPITians, Kshitij Panse (Software Engineer), Padmanaban Dheenadhayalan (Technical Leader) and Swaroop Baby (Program Manager - ePowertrain System Testing and Validation) was published in the SAE International Publications in the ePowertrain domain.

The article is titled "A Novel Method of Charging Strategy Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithm in Battery Electric Vehicles".

It focuses on a genetic algorithm, a form of Evolutionary Algorithm, which is applied for finding the best solution to the optimization problem in the charging of Lithium-Ion batteries.
To read the article, Click here.

How software in automobiles helps curb air pollution? 

KPIT Powertrain team explains in the article published in Auto Tech Review

An article authored by KPIT’s Powertrain team was published in Auto Tech Review. The article talks about how software in automobiles helps curb air pollution. It focuses on the vehicle emission testing programs, vehicle performance and NOx reduction methods.

Auto Tech Review is India’s first and by far, the only automotive technology magazine, focused on the growing automotive engineering industry and community. The monthly magazine takes a 360-degree approach to journalism and disseminates information and knowledge through its print, online & digital platforms.

Read the full article here.

Here's the second article in the series of Top 5 Technology articles from 2019 - Gareth Floodgate elaborates on Connected Diagnostics

In case you missed out on reading some good tech articles by KPIT’s subject-matter experts, we are sharing 5 technologically amazing articles of 2019 in the monthly newsletters. For this month - the second article in this series:

Connected Diagnostics

The article is authored by Gareth Floodgate, a subject matter expert part of KPIT’s Diagnostics team. HANSERautomotive, a leading magazine in mobility, published this article.

Click to read the article in both English and German.

Kudos! KPITians - High productivity, on-time delivery, and client appreciation. All this, while working remotely.

Maintaining high levels of productivity and delivering projects on time is crucial during this new normal of working remotely. KPITians received several notes of appreciation from clients across all practices for upholding their work commitments while working remotely during these challenging times. Here is one such story of a team from KPIT’s Autonomous Driving practice. The client, a Korean Tier-1, acknowledged and appreciated the team’s efforts and on-time delivery.

To celebrate the commitment and hard work of the team a virtual ‘Team Connect’ was organized where the team members along with their families connected, played games, sang songs and engaged in informal interactions. The activity helped the team come together virtually and feel like one big family.

KPIT has filed one provisional patent application for “A System and Method for a Fuel Cell Assembly Assimilator” in the Fuel Cell domain.

KPIT has been granted 55 patents till date across various domains such as Autonomous Driving, Electric Powertrain, Mechatronics and so on.

Staying Healthy and Safe

KPIT organized a series of webinars for the wellness of its employees. More than 350 employees became part of these wellness webinars. The following webinars were organized in the month with the mentioned discussion points.
Diet & Nutrition: Balanced diet, immunity-boosting food and diet management.
Stress Management: Combating stress amidst COVID19 crisis and ways to maintain balance in life.
Ergonomic Wellness: Postures and sitting positions while working from home, managing muscular emergencies and tips to avoid muscle tension.
Yoga Session: Simple yoga exercises to boost immunity.
Parenting Care: Managing kids during work from home, training kids for social distancing and driving energy to creativity.
Celebrating Motherhood: Holistic wellness of mothers, health challenges faced by them.

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