• Few news articles were published by renowned Indian media outlets and agencies on May 14th & 15th 2020 about Labour Commissioner, Pune issuing notice to KPIT regarding employee salary cuts. Similar news articles have also been published in last few weeks regarding notices issued by the labour authorities to many IT companies.
  • KPIT has not received any notice from any labour authorities during the current lockdown period (as on May 18th 2020)
  • KPIT has established business practices to handle the dynamic business scenarios that are arising out of Covid-19 crisis
  • Employees and their safety are top priority for KPIT. Many measures were rolled out in April 2020 to prioritize jobs of our employees in these challenging times. Prior to implementation, on all these measures that were announced, we had obtained legal counsel and we believe that the measures were devised and implemented in accordance with requirements under the applicable laws of India.
  • If and when any such communication/ notice is received from labour department or any other governmental agency, we will accordingly respond with relevant facts and reasons.
  • We request employees, customers or partners to not respond to any queries, should journalists/ media personnel reach out to you and direct all such requests to [marketing.auto@kpit.com]. The Corporate Marketing team at KPIT is adequately prepared to respond as and when required.

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