• Ingest the data captured from various sensors as well as from external world into the big data ecosystem
  • Perform the data quality checks on the input data and publish the results
  • Transform the data into various ecosystem formats as required by various autonomous driving feature teams
  • Transform the data and suitably encrypt it to make it available to external world
  • Perform extensive data search on various aspects of data quality, data transformation, data storage, data security, data access and so on
  • Perform the data backup and archival activities
  • Monitor and tune the performance of the individual module and overall system
  • Work on end-to-end automation of various work flows


Munich, Germany

Brief work description

  • You will be part of big data team handling huge data volumes, understanding and solving performance bottlenecks and working with data scientists/data engineers in autonomous driving domain
  • Work with the best of the software and data engineers in autonomous driving domain to realize Highly Automated Driving features on road
  • Demonstrate software craftsmanship in a Large-Scale Scrum (LESS) framework



  •  Mandatory
    • Engineer must have played the role of a “Data Engineer
    • Minimum 7 years of experience hands-on working in the big data domain
    • Experience with Hadoop and it’s ecosystem in design, development and deployment
    • Strong software engineering principles (object-oriented programming/functional programming) and production code experience
    • Extensive experience in working on Apache Spark
    • Writing high-performance, reliable and maintainable code in languages like Python or Scala or Java
    • Computer science or engineering degree from a reputed institute


  • Desirable
    • Experience with Kubernetes and Kafka would be helpful
    • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools like Git, build tool like Maven, CI/CD tool like Zuul or Jenkins and Ansible
    • Knowledge of distributed processing for delivering software solutions
    • Ability to mentor and lead small teams

Excellent oral and written communication




Image Processing, Computer Vision, Object Detection & Segmentation, ML/DL Models


Over 7 years