In this article published in Automobil Elektronik - a leading German automotive magazine – Dr. Manaswini Rath – VP and Head Autonomous Driving, discusses the complexities involved in the journey from Prototype to Production for Autonomous Driving.
Below are the key points explained in the article

  • Despite high hopes and anticipation, fully autonomous and self-driving cars are still a dream. Many global OEMs have demonstrated prototypes of L3 and L4 vehicles, yet, production dates are on a roll towards the future. The key challenges lie in the complexities of transitioning these prototypes into production models.

    • As compared to other electronics in a vehicle, the complexities involved in bringing Autonomous driving features to production are very high, since the journey for Autonomous Driving has just started and brings many new and unknown factors.

  • There are 8 key factors that make this journey very complex: starting with ‘Software Quality and Maturity’, Assurance of Dependability: Safety, Security, and SOTIF, Virtual Simulation: Open-Loop and Closed-loop for sensors and features, and more

    • The automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift as OEMs are starting to develop software for autonomous driving in-house. Ecosystem partnerships are being built where Systems and Software Integrators like KPIT bring expertise and experience to the table with engineering services, scale, and already developed software components to accelerate development.

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