Anup is a Member of the executive board and CTO for KPIT. In this role, his keen sense for blending technology trends and customer challenges helps KPIT to formulate a range of solutions and products which bring value to the global automotive ecosystem.

Anup has been associated with KPIT since 1994. Over the years, Anup has been instrumental in KPIT’s growth and recognition as a global product engineering partner to the automotive industry.

Anup, in the past, has held a position on the Board of Directors of GENIVI® Alliance, contributing towards driving open innovation and collaboration in the automotive industry. He was also a part of the NASSCOM® engineering council, where he supported the council’s vision of making more and more companies in India achieve the ‘Engineered in India’ dream. He has additionally carried out board responsibilities for KPIT GmbH Germany.

Anup has lead the global team that made innovative solutions and products for the automotive industry, which include Electrification of vehicles, Digital Cockpit, Autonomous driving, AutoSAR and Diagnostics.
Anup began his career at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as a research assistant in the Powertrain domain. A co-inventor of 4 patents in the areas of electric vehicle technology and automotive safety, he continues to remain involved in his passion for technologies in addition to his executive role of driving KPIT’s global business.

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