KSAR Adaptive AUTOSAR Highlights

KPIT’s Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform provides a sophisticated development environment for applications that require High Performance Compute Platforms with Multi-Core support, Service Oriented Architecture, ECU Consolidation & Interoperability with existing systems, software from various suppliers & safety classes on one ECU, Vehicle Independent Software Applications, Dynamic Configuration Management & software updates, Rapid Prototyping and use case development.

Key Highlights

  • ARA Middleware for Platform Foundation & Platform Services
  • Support for POSIX based OS
  • Readily available on popular SoC platforms such as TI TDAx, Renesas R-CAR to name a few
  • ECU Virtualization Framework for Parallel Development
  • Multiple instances of Adaptive AUTOSAR can be seamlessly executed simultaneously using a single hypervisor.
  • Off-board Diagnostic sessions can be established remotely through an adaptive AUTOSAR Platform