KPIT AUTOSAR & In-Vehicle Network

12+ Years of delivering AUTOSAR solutions

20+ Engagements with leading OEMs and Tier-1s

7+ OEMs have approved/used K-SAR BSW

600+ Engineers on AUTOSAR products & services

Classic, Adaptive & Thin ASR across all specs

In-vehicle Networks and ECU Platform Software are evolving at a faster rate

As E-E Network architectures evolve the need for new standards and specifications are needed

Move towards a hub/spook model where the computations at the edge are thinning while the computation shifts to the centre

KPIT provides solutions across the Network elements.

KPIT’s Thin ASR while supports the lean sensors/actuators at the edges, the hard realtime ECU is catered by the Classic ASR and the central computation controller is enabled by Adaptive AUTOSAR

KPIT’s non AUTOSAR solution caters to resource constrained ECU platforms. E.NOS supports OS, DK, COM and NM for 16-bi tto 32- bit controllers

AUTOSAR R4.0.3/R4.2.1 ICC3 compliant Basic Software Stack

  • AUTOSAR OS – Supports multicore, Timing Protection & Memory Protection for safety critical ECUs
  • Main Microcontrollers supported – Infineon, Freescale, Renesas family
  • Customization of processes for ASIL D requirements for AUTOSAR R4.2.1
  • Integration of K-SAR tool chain with ISO 26262 tool chain – medini analyze