K-DCP Enterprise Integration Platform

In an era of Digital transformation, it’s become imperative for Organizations to think about how to integrate systems, applications, and data. For the success of any technological innovation across an organization, all of its assets need to be tied together with an enterprise integration platform, in order to leverage existing data assets and cross functional synergies for business utility.

The K-DCP Enterprise Integration Platform dwells on this concept and provides custom integration components and consultancy in order to enable integration of K-DCP offerings with their enterprise environment.

K-DCP Enterprise Integration Platform

The platform follows enterprise integration methodologies, with industry specifications like REST HAL, OPEN API, etc; to expose diagnostic data services within the diagnostic data development process.

It publishes diagnostic data to ECUs and tools in the field taking its hardware and software dependencies into account. The Diagnostic data store records all session data and is used as a base for analytics. The KPIT analytics platform uses this data for dashboarding and business impact measurements. On the same lines, vehicle data is used for machine learning to offer predictive maintenance and warranty reduction.

The platform mimics a standard software development process of Develop -> Compile -> Verify -> Reiterate for diagnostics. This ensures that ‘stored data’ is reliable and ‘deployable’.

The K-DCP Enterprise Integration platform enables better reliability, higher reusability and lower development cost of diagnostics data