K-DCP Aftersales Platform

As new age concepts of Autonomous, Electrified, Connected and Shared mobility are fast materializing into realities, automotive after-sales servicing requirements and imperatives are poised to undergo a transition.

Evolving vehicle architectures, significantly complex vehicle features and changing business models (wherein vehicle OEs are adopting a leasing model vis-à-vis outright selling) are underpinning the role and criticality of advanced After-sales service solutions and tools to the overall profitability, servicing throughput and customer loyalty/retention for OEM dealerships.

KPIT with its extensive and rich expertise in aftersales testing solutions, specifically for OEM dealerships, has developed its Next-Generation Aftersales Platform. This platform enables dealerships to perform a host of activities ranging from basic functionalities like fault reading, to advanced utilities like intelligent guided diagnostics and root cause repair.

K-DCP Aftersales Platform

The K-DCP Aftersales platform is designed to run on multiple platforms like desktop, mobile, cloud and in-vehicle, whilst catering to both local and remote application use-cases.

The built-in assisted troubleshooting functionality enables service engineers to already test functionality during remote diagnosis and to make conclusions from the fault pattern or possible symptoms. The solutiontracks the most critical aftersales metrics i.e. Fix-first-visit (FFV) and Repair turnaround time.

K-DCP Aftersales platform components:

  • Service Tester : KPIT Service tester is a modular and a data-driven system for Aftersales diagnostics and has been built using latest web technologies. It can be deployed on a local instance (PC) or on a remote server in the cloud. Being highly customizable, the service tester allows for addition of customer specific features through a simple “Plug-in” function. It also enables the customer to leverage their own/existing user interface, by directly accessing the tester API and associated functionalities
  • Trace2Fix : Trace2Fix is an Intelligent, network-based solution for advanced diagnostics with proven effectiveness to disambiguate and diagnose. It enables guided troubleshooting with pin-point accuracy, based on Self-learning & Root Cause Analysis principles

The Aftersales platform also underscores the essence of data re-use and duplication avoidance across OE departments, through its integration with the engineering tool-chain.

The K-DCP Aftersales platform drives 30% faster diagnostics, whilst improving service technician productivity by up to 40%