Developing an Automatic Seat Control System

A solution from KPIT saves that trouble.

Start on a long drive and the first thing the occupants will do is to adjust their seat position. It can get painful at times if you want to keep switching seats through the journey.
Seats play a critical role in enhancing a driver’s and the passenger’s experience. With increasing travelling hours, consumers today are more conscious about maintaining the correct sitting posture while driving., Having this in mind KPIT has built a solution that adjusts the seat positions automatically by sensing the height and knee position of the occupants.
A dedicated team worked on varied aspects of Electronics, Mechanical, Hardware and Software to arrive at the best technology solution to be implemented. KPIT with a proper blend of technological flavors like Engineering Design, Seating systems and Sensor technology contributed to a better solution. This system was envisaged to include automatic head rest adjustment, cushion extender and seat travel limiter without manual intervention.
The client was looking for a partner who could take the complete onus of the research & development program. The client was aware of KPIT’s capability in product development as well as domain expertise in control systems and mechanical engineering.

The features developed were

Automatic head rest control, based on user’s height
Automatic cushion extender based on user’s leg spacing
Seat travel limiter based on obstacle sensing at the back of the seat
Proximity sensor for height detection and object detection
Seat axis control based on brushed DC motor

In a record time of 4 months, successful working prototype with solution mechanically fitted in a seat

Multiple features and applications were implemented through a single ECU to give a cost advantage

End-to-End design and development of capacitive sensors was achieved with flexible PCB, system integration, testing and validation