Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service

Global organizations are increasingly relying on KPIT’s testing expertise to address multiple testing requirements in different domains, including:

DevOps and CICD Initiatives
Digital Transformation
IoT, Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Big Data
Analytics, and Big Data
Cloud Integration
Multiple Mobility Platforms
KPIT's testing practice merges expertise with innovation, improving business outcomes at a lower overall TCO, with higher quality, and delivering faster time to market.
Key Differentiators

Our key differentiators include:
Learn how HP and KPIT worked together to help Bajaj Allianz streamline their database upgrade
KPIT’s Independent Testing Practice (TaaS) framework comprises strategic assets such as process, people, and technology dedicated to the testing needs of businesses focused on increasing efficiency to create value for our customers. Our service offerings are differentiated into four core areas which cater to each requirement that a business may have.

KPIT with its formidable experience of working across industry verticals provides multiple tangible benefits
Cost Savings by 40-50% on Tools and Services
Up to 80% reduction in testing and turnaround time
No overheads for customers on purchasing, installing, renewal and maintenance of licenses
Higher quality testing due to increased environmental parity between production and testing environments
Know how KPIT helps you reduce turnaround times by up to 20%

Success Stories

Learn how KPIT helped Bajaj Allianz perform a major database upgrade with verified expected performance improvements while pre-empting and resolving any database issues before the upgrade

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