Sales Estimation Solution

Sales Estimation Solution

Properly empower your team with tools to help the sales team quote new engagements and
find existing parts that may be similar for price comparison.

Quoting and Estimating
Create more accurate quotes to make a new part design.
Determine what changes the customer can make to improve the cost of the part.
Part Search
Quickly search your parts portfolio for similar parts to use as a baseline for new customer orders.
Comparable Parts Chart

Quickly compare prices, part configurations and details of similar parts being purchased from other suppliers.

Use the selection tools to quickly generate sales quotes for new parts. The solution uses similar part data and adjusts
to the complexity of the part being quoted providing accurate cost information. Visual representations of part features make it easy
to identify and price new parts. Your sales engineers will be able to generate quotes more accurately and on time.


AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in engineering drawings and purchasing projections,
helping you make smarter decisions

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