Executive Management Solution

Executive Management Solution

With more to manage, executives need the tools to help them understand the effectiveness
of their purchasing organization and supply network. The below solutions provide insight
into key supply network metrics.

Procurement Management
Get the right geographic portfolio for your manufacturing footprint
Learn what part families are affected by issues in certain countries
Find out if your buyers have the right supplier portfolio
Discover if your spend at Supplier Z is growing or shrinking
Gain an acceptable geographic portfolio for certain part families
Executive Dashboard
Find out if part prices and volumes are trending up or down
Gain insight into your supplier churn and associated quality risk
Identify high risk suppliers and their performance trends
Compare your buying team to the rest of the industry
Global Supplier Chart

Visualizes opportunities in your supply base for cost savings. Analyze your supply base and
identify overcharging or undercharging suppliers.

The Global Supplier Chart graphically represents a supplier with a bubble; hover over a bubble to view supplier
details. Bubble size indicates supplier spend level. Overcharging suppliers have a Spend Index above zero. Right click on a
supplier bubble and select "Jump to Supplier Portfolio" to see individual parts and their contribution to overall Spend Index.



Analyze big picture trends

View and analyze overall supply network efficiency trends and gain the ability to monitor a key part of your
product lifecycle – from engineering through sourcing.

Get insights into materials specification fragmentation

Gain the ability to baseline and benchmark material specifications based on different suppliers, parts or manufacturing plants,
allowing your engineers to make smarter decisions with more real time data. Find out if the source materials being specified have become
fragmented throughout your organization due to use of an unnecessarily large list of raw materials.

Create baselines and track benchmarks

Based on baselines, benchmark your company's supply network effectiveness against the industry and track your
company's supply network effectiveness against its own past performance

Evaluate supply network risks and opportunities

See the overall interaction between engineering and procurement and see the overall interaction between procurement
and your supply network. Get insights into potential supply network risks or opportunities based on the
parts feature, pricing, supplier and material views.

Get negotiation intelligence

Find outliers and norms that arm you and your team with deep intelligence that
your competition doesn't have.

Enjoy global capability

This solution is robust enough to handle complex global process structures – so your entire team
around the world is working from the same data.

Experience minimal operational disruption during implementation

Because KPIT completes the implementation, your IT team need not get involved. KPIT trains your supply network
and engineering teams so they can get the most out of the system.


AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in engineering drawings and purchasing projections,
helping you make smarter decisions

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