Engineering Analytics

Engineering Analytics

This solution provides insight to help engineers reuse parts, consolidate material usage across families of like parts and understand the impact of introducing a new part into the supply network

Specifications Management and Compliance
Learn if consolidation across part families will be beneficial
Determine which materials are suitable for a new design
See common specification combinations at a glance
New Product Planning
Determine if a new part design meets cost targets
Know what changes will reduce the price of a part
Accurately determine if a part should be bought
Explore ways to collaborate early in the design process to make a part better and cheaper
Part Rationalization
Find parts of similar design for re-use
Find parts of common design for consolidation
Find parts of similar design but varying materials for material rationalization
Comparable Parts Chart

Quickly compare prices, part configurations and details of similar parts being purchased from other suppliers.
View part configurations and details of similar parts being purchased from other suppliers. You can also click on
Jump to Alternate Supplier to find other manufacturers for the part in a specific region.


During the CAD design process, see similar parts that are already in the supply network

with the powerful Visual Part Display. No more starting a design from scratch when part revisions are requested. The Engineering Solution shows you what comparable parts actually look like as well as all the technical part detail you need – including cost.

Get your costs in line early in the design process with the Engineering Solution.

You'll be able to see not only the same part as originally specified, but also an approved supplier who could manufacture the part before you hand off the drawings to procurement, reducing costly back and forth conversations. This intelligence allows you to design for the supply network while maintaining product development excellence and superior quality. All of this helps you get products to market more quickly and more inexpensively.

Consolidate the number of raw material types you specify.

Why have five grades of oil pans when three grades will do? Because you can easily see the big picture across parts you design, you'll be able to make smarter raw materials choices earlier in the design process, saving time and money and helping to de-fragment the raw materials stream.

Set a standard and guidelines for future engineering development,

to fit within the existing supply network because now you and your entire engineering team will have visibility through the entire development and procurement process across the global organization. The Engineering Solution easily adapts across multiple, diverse projects and products, making it an invaluable clearing house for engineering data for your global engineering team.

Use the exact data views that you need, even get custom views

so you can pinpoint the exact part and details you need to answer your current question. During set up, your KPIT team will work with you to assure that the inputs you need are programmed into the system and the views you need will be available upon implementation. Because KPIT handles the implementation, you get quick, easy set up and aggregation of data into the system – with no need to tie up your internal IT department.

Predict supply network needs based on raw material changes

with the What If Dashboard. What if you change the part? KPIT's strategic What If Solution clearly lays out each part and material choice within each group of parts so you can see the big picture. The Material Specification Solution can also give you these answers. Using supplier part fit metrics, the software lets you baseline and benchmark your raw material specifications to see how fragmented they are, based on supplier, material or part. This way, you'll be able to see how you might rationalize raw materials, suppliers or parts, driving costs and time to market down.

Respond Quickly to Customer RFQ's.

With KPIT's software, you can quickly create a custom quotation from a customer Request for Quote (RFQ). You can target price a Bill of Material (BOM) for assemblies and new products using existing and/or new part designs.

Do "What If" analysis with alternate parts and alternate suppliers

to provide purchasing a recommended Bill of Suppliers. Through the system, you are then able to help predict capacity, quality and materials issues, as well as determine profitability.


AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in engineering drawings and purchasing projections,
helping you make smarter decisions

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