Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Driving Organizational Agility
Today's organizations function in real-time, integrated ecosystems where quick decisions must be made based on a steady stream of information from sources like wearable devices, smart assets, and intelligent machines. The complexity of integration has increased dramatically, but the expectation to provide access to intuitive, uninterrupted and safe technologies for operations persist.
KPIT is working with its customers to transform operational processes to deliver quick value, streamline operations, better manage assets and improve compliance with regulations.
stakeholder experience
Stakeholder Experience
business process redesign
 Business Process Redesign
new business models
New Business Models

IDC Technology Spotlight

Bringing IoT and Digital Transformation Together to Accelerate IT/OT Convergence

Customer Highlights
Predictive Maintenance for European Manufacturer
KPIT has developed predictive models to help increase the uptime levels for a leading global manufacturer of textile machines. KPIT's Big Data platform processes near real-time sensor data and employs predictive analytics to enable the development of predictive models. These models help forecast machine failures before they occur, and reduce the unplanned downtime by 50%.
Digital Manufacturing for a Packaging Giant
KPIT's expertise in Digital Manufacturing is helping organizations achieve manufacturing excellence by enabling real-time visibility, increasing quality and reducing costs with higher control over manufacturing operations. Learn about this Manufacturing Execution Systems implementation that uses IoT, Sensors, Analytics, Predictive Algorithms and Open Source.
Digital Engagement for Consumer Products Manufacturer
One of the most significant areas of digital investment for all companies is to improve the customer experience. KPIT has developed a user-friendly and intuitive customer portal covering different functionalities for an innovative consumer products manufacturer to help differentiate their brand, improve collaboration and customer engagement, and increase their sales and service operations.
Top Solutions

AKOYA mines the intelligence hidden in your engineering drawings and purchasing projections,
helping you make smarter decisions for:
Track and Trace
Web based application utilizes digital map to show real-time position of the vehicles
Configurable refresh rate for digital map with vehicle position
Tracking of the alarms like over-speeding, skipped location, number of stops
Event logging for the entire trip
Remote HVAC Management
Remote diagnosis of failures and guided troubleshooting
Remote commissioning of the HVAC systems
Preemptive maintenance using failure prediction
Smart applications for controlling home temperature remotely
Engineering tests using real-time field data
Predictive Field Services
Better visibility of field staff
Increased Workforce Productivity
Serviceable Asset Uptime
Optimized Service Delivery
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Machine-to-Machine: Manufacturing in a connected world
Technology Insights by Probodh Chiplunkar, Global Head - Digital Transformation, KPIT
KPIT's Focus

Transformation across industries is realized through the use of digital technologies
Internet of Things (IoT)
KPIT's IntelliSiloTM - An IoT Solution to Reinforce Workplace Safety for the Cement Industry
Watch how KPIT's IntelliSiloTM, a module of intelliAssetTM and a customized IoT solution for the cement industry improves workplace safety by integrating data with digital technologies.
Digital Capabilities

Every industry is engaged in digitally transforming and disrupting their business. Driven by the need to innovate, the opportunity to reduce costs or the need to get closer to customers and suppliers, and to make the workplace more productive, digital is changing the way we work. Following are our Digital Transformation capabilities and solutions:
solutions we offer
Suppliers & Supply Chain
KPIT's Supplier Network Management solutions help to evaluate supplier portfolios, identify possibilities to reduce costs and provide users with information to take action. Through data analytics and visualization tools, KPIT provides supply chain intelligence that can help you take action on low quality, overpriced or low volume suppliers.
Material Rationalization
KPIT's Material Management solutions help you evaluate materials used across the enterprise in identifying low usage materials and recommending substitute materials that can lower costs and potentially eliminate low usage materials from the portfolio. KPIT's solution can recommend approved material specs for new designs selecting the lowest cost material or process speciation while ensuring compliance with RoHS, REACh, and Conflict Minerals.
Part Rationalization
KPIT's Material Management solutions can be effectively used to evaluate groupings of similar parts for consolidation and pricing orientation and provide the user with accurate information. With KPIT's solution, you can rationalize your supply network and ensure you have the right part from the right supplier at the right price.

Employee & Ecosystems
Social business networks are enabling employees to leverage the mechanics of social communities, such as Like, Follow, Rate, and Comment. These new digital conversational norms are fostering natural collaboration between employees, partners, and customers thus creating a mutually beneficially ecosystem for the business and its customers.
KPIT Offers
Comprehensive best practice feature set
Advanced data categorization and search capabilities
Advanced knowledge management capabilities
Agile project execution support
Integration into industry-leading digital platforms and ERP system

Products and Assets
Companies are facing unprecedented pressures around customer service, regulatory compliance and financial performance creating a need for new solutions that improve overall operations, service and ROI.

KPIT has successfully implemented Enterprise Asset Management solutions running on over 10 Million vehicles, 1 Million+ heating systems, and 5000+ power generators. KPIT’s bundled intelligent telematics systems have also been successfully deployed and running in over 10,000 buses.

KPIT’s solution enables organizations to:
Understand asset condition, usage and allocation in near real time to more effectively manage resources and costs

Create an interconnected value chain by enabling the intelligent flow of information, which can be used to transform and optimize asset performance and maintenance, and worker productivity

Make smarter decisions by leveraging real-time asset data

Make it affordable to support and upgrade EAM systems

Customers & Consumers
Engage with their customers using multiple touch points.

UI/UX | Customer Reach | Commerce | Execution

KPIT Offers
Highly focused user-centered approach towards creation of applications, portals, software
Implementation methodologies that blend user goals and business objectives
Audits, wireframes, prototypes and usability tests that refine the solution and identify issues before development begins
Rapid prototyping of ideas making it easier for users to reach a common vision faster, saving time and money in development
Omni-channel storefront and fulfillment
Integrated Analytics
Product Catalog Management
AKOYA from KPIT enables Advanced Engineering Analytics for businesses
engineers reuse parts, consolidate material usage and efficiently manage the parts supply network
KPIT helps Weatherford build a Digital Enterprise Hub for rapid delivery across business processes

Mike Perroni

Vice President of IT
Weatherford International Ltd
With roots dating back to 1941, Weatherford International is one of the world's largest diversified upstream oil field services companies, offering a host of products and services including drilling oil and natural gas wells, manufacturing and sales of oil field tools, and creating software for maximizing well production.
Success Stories

User Experience Driven Business Intelligence Portal
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Mobile Solution for a Bio-Therapeutics Company
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Enhancing Web Presence by Leveraging Brand Power
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Improving Field Efficiency with Mobile Tools
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Creative Agency Experiences Time Management with Mobility
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KPIT Smart Meters Accelerator - onepager
KPIT feature rich Smart Meters Accelerator is suitable for all types of meters – Silver Spot, Magnetic, and Pulse

KPIT Smart Lights Accelerator - onepager
KPIT feature rich Smart Lights Accelerator reliable street lights management system

Investment Planning Analytics from KPIT
Infrastructure Investment Planning and Management Solution from KPIT

Headcount Planning Analytics from KPIT
Workforce Management Solution from KPIT

eProof of Delivery Solution
Mobile Proof of Delivery Platform and Solutions from KPIT

Robotic Process Automation Solution
Robotic Process Automation Solution from KPIT

Asset Management and Analytics Action Platform
Asset visualization, analytics and action in near real time

Social Network Analytics Platform
Social Network Analytics Platform and Solutions from KPIT

Mobile Field Service Solutions
Mobile Field Service Platform and Solutions from KPIT

Digital Transformation
Leading the Digital Evolution of Business

Rich User Experience
Driving Business Solutions

Intelligence for Supply Network Management

KwikPick Warehouse Picking Solution with Wearable Glass
KWM-KwikPick Warehouse Management Solution from KPIT

Konnect - Transforming the multi-device connectivity user experience

Elevating Customer Experience
Improved Decision-making, Gained Complete Asset Insight, Reduced Costs, and Eliminated Errors

Improved Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience

Field Service Innovation
Field service modernization for regular asset maintenance and higher up time

Manufacturing Execution System Implementation
Real Time Machine and Business Application Integration

Real Time Field Service
High quality field service, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved Order To Cash cycle

Improving Digital Engagement for a Consumer Products Manufacturer
Driving Brand Recognition with Improved Collaboration and Customer Engagement

IOT Solutions from KPIT
KPIT drives business efficiency with customized IOT solutions

IaaS Solutions from KPIT
Robust IaaS solutions from KPIT

High ROI with
KPIT helps client to achieve higher ROI with

IDC Technology Spotlight
Bringing IoT and Digital Transformation Together to Accelerate IT/OT Convergence

Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with RPA
Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent & Connected Devices The New Frontier for the Medical Device Industry
The Medical Device industry is moving toward service-based business models

On-Demand Webinar: Going Digital across the Supply Chain
Watch this on-demand webinar by IDC and KPIT to understand how can you achieve this transformation

Demystify Digital & IIoT How to drive tangible value in under 10 weeks
IoT is a business revolution enabled by technology

Enabling a
Learn how Dell's two powerful cloud platforms – Boomi & Pivotal – can help enterprises to unleash unparalleled DT

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences
John shares what KPIT are hearing & seeing in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical market segments.

KPIT helps Kinetiq to improve time to market for product development using Agile
KPIT helps Kinetiq to improve time to market for product development using Agile Methodology

KPIT IntelliSilo™ - An IoT Solution to Reinforce Workplace Safety for the Cement
KPIT IntelliSilo module of intelliAsset™ & customized IoT solution for cement industry improves workplace Safety

4 Crucial capabilities of any IoT platform that you should know
KPIT and the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

 Elevating Customer Experience
Improved Decision-making, Gained Complete Asset Insight, Reduced Costs, and Eliminated Errors

Machine-as-a-Service: New frontier of smart manufacturing
Machine-as-a-service has visibly shaken up traditional business processes

Machine-to-Machine: Manufacturing in a connected world
In this constantly connected world, businesses are increasingly turning to machine-to-machine communications (M2M)

What Belongs To The
At the heart of digital transformation journeys is a brand-new approach towards technology

The business value of enabling IoT in industrial manufacturing
The rapid pace at which digital disruptions are altering the marketplace for manufacturing companies

Enabling Digital Transformation  for the IT Sector
The technology sector is witnessing an era of digital transformation driven by digitization & process optimization

Digitalisation - Boosting productivity on the shopfloor
Article highlights the challenges being faced by manufacturers in this context and the strategies to overcome them.

Factories of the future in India: Connected, smart, and collaborative
Probodh Chiplunkar, KPIT believes that the Make in India initiative will be a key enabler of connected factories

How smart glasses are transforming backend processes in manufacturing
Smart glasses are used across all sectors as a valuable addition to the manufacturing and supply-chain operations

Making connected factories a reality in India
Manufacturing industry world over is heading-towards a more interconnected, agile and flexible production process

It's Time to Have a Conversation with Your (Big) Data
Big Data is an embarrassment of riches for most executives, functional managers, and analysts

The convergence of OT and IT  in the Manufacturing industry
Pawan Sharma shares his views in the 7th Anniversary edition of Efficient Manufacturing

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