Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics


A tremendous amount of data generated from various sources i.e. processes, employees, and customers can leave businesses overwhelmed if it is not managed and leveraged strategically. Companies that can extract accurate insights by correlating such data can optimize their operations better, thus achieving improved business performance and productivity levels, and delivering data-driven experiences for better engagement with end-customers.

Focus Areas

KPIT enables clients to surface actionable insights by analyzing business-related data that can help them to achieve
measurable outcomes.
KPIT draws expertise from hundreds of analytics projects and has extensive experience in its focus domains. We provide services around
Strategy and Consulting services for Data and Analytics
Data Discovery and Data Governance
Data Visualization
Big Data
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
User Experience and Visualization
Reporting and Analytics
Information Management

KPIT brings together Data and Analytics offerings from various leading OEMs including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft to help you with solutions that best suit your organization. Our services and pre-built solutions and toolsets helps us to give projects a head start. To know more about our partnership strengths and how we can help you in each area these links
What Belongs To The "Digital" World
Insights by Probodh Chiplunkar

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