Application Management Services

Application Management Services

CIOs have to ensure that the investments in existing applications remain relevant for their business amidst rapidly changing environment and evolving business models. Our Application Management Services team helps clients to develop a long-term strategy for their application portfolio, yield intended business value from existing applications and infrastructure, and reduce the cost of their upkeep.
Application maintenance consumes an
estimated 50% of all enterprise IT budgets

KPIT envisions Application Maintenance as a subset of the larger more holistic discipline of Application Management. IT departments are challenged to strike a balance between reactive maintenance, which is not entirely avoidable, and a more proactive preventive, and predictive management and maintenance of applications. The latter improves the application landscape, resulting in high availability of business applications, ensuring that they are pertinent to the changing business requirements and improving end-user experience.
We believe, the essence of doing this is the skillful harmonization of People, Process, and Technology to achieve improved customer satisfaction & increased value centricity of IT.

KPIT's AMS offerings
we encourage innovation

Create the right solution
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Accelerate and Employ Risk Mitigated Approach
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Continuously Improve Processes and Reduce Spend
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Strategic Alignment and Increase Business Value

Our AMS offerings are designed to enable our customers to outsource all or part of their
application portfolio to ensure consistent and predictable performance against established application service levels.
Our AMS offerings include:
Application Management and Maintenance
Service Value Added Services
Cloud Management
Service Operation Center
Partner Advantage
We provide Application Management and Maintenance Services for business applications from some of the leading software providers including Oracle, SAP, and various other partners. Our longstanding relationship with these OEMs allows us to be at the forefront of the technological developments happening at these companies and enables us to provide right guidance to clients regarding application portfolio management, defining a roadmap for applications and infrastructure, and application maintenance and upgrades.

KPIT has an impressive track record of providing self-managed Application Services and supporting technology stacks for a broad spectrum of customers. We have served clients including large global corporations to niche players across our focus industries and different geographies. We continually measure and improve our own productivity, processes, and task to build a leaner, more productive team that can effectively manage the evolving application portfolio.

Global Services

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