The GST Bill
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill, considered as one of the biggest reforms in post-Independent India looks to completely change the current indirect tax structure and the related business processes. It will impact all areas of business operations including procurement, distribution, pricing strategy, inventory, and cash flow.
GST, a destination-based tax regime will institutionalize a change in the economic fabric of the nation, broaden the tax base, and help bring out more transparency.
What is Needed
Business models in every organization are structured differently. Thus, organizations need strategic guidance and a roadmap that gives them a clear vision of the best way for their business to transition to GST. This involves knowing the set of activities at each phase of the process - assessment, implementation, and post-implementation, hence, acclimatizing with the key factors to ensure a seamless transition and meeting compliance requirements.
Implications on Business Systems
These proposed changes will directly impact the Business – planning, processes, IT systems, etc. in terms of accounting and financial implications, and will demand changes in customer's business systems - master data, supply chain, among others. Hence, businesses will need a strong mechanism to make their systems GST-ready or migrate efficiently to new systems, thus, ensuring a smooth transition to GST.

KPIT's team of experts along with SAP are geared up to help businesses smoothly transition to GST, while also ensuring business continuity is maintained during the transition.
SAP Estimates -
"Implementation of GST will lead to 3-5 billion invoice uploads every month. SAP estimates that at least 40% of these will pass through an SAP-enabled system."
Simplify your GST transition with KPIT CoE
We believe it is our responsibility to help customers with a smooth transition of their SAP business systems to the GST regime. In this regard, we have put together a team of Accounting, Financial and Logistics consultants, SAP technology experts, and ASP/GSP partners, who have assessed the impacts of GST in different business scenarios and have created a robust transition roadmap for customers to quickly get up to speed with GST transition.
Our comprehensive set of GST offerings
KPIT's CoE is uniquely positioned to provide consulting, solution implementation, and compliance review and support to customers in GST transition.

Consulting and Assessment
GST Impact Analysis and Assessment on customer's business
Suggestion on process improvement areas
Guidance on GST Compliance
GST Implementation on SAP Systems
Check prerequisites and assess the impact on SAP systems
Implement the configuration changes in the systems, test, and deploy (go live)
GSP/ASP Connectivity Services
Integrating SAP business systems with GSP/ASP services to facilitate return filing and other compliance
Post Go Live Support
SAP system validation support
Functional support
Periodic compliance review
Affordable Solution with predefined scope
GST transition in just 8-12 weeks
Risk-free implementation with proven tools
KPIT Tools for Smooth GST Transition
"Reduce your GST migration cycle time by 30% with KPIT's SAP GST transition tools and accelerators"
We understand that if customers have to assess the changes to be made in their SAP systems from the scratch, it will result in a longer implementation and migration cycle, which the customers cannot afford, because it will impact their overall business efficiency. KPIT's ready-to-connect tools and accelerators help customers to quickly implement the GST related changes in their SAP systems, at a low cost and with low risk.
Master Data Migration Toolkit
Guided Configuration for GST
Open Item Migration Toolkit
Program Management & Governance
Ready-to-use Reports & Forms
ASP/GSP Connectors
Pick your Scenario
With our team of experts and partners and our ready-to-use tools, we are all geared up to help businesses have a smooth GST implementation, in any of the following scenarios
integration service
GST implementation on Existing SAP systems
SAP is ready with a GST patch, which can be deployed in the existing systems to facilitate the transition of organizations to GST. KPIT, along with its tools and accelerators, can make the journey smoother and faster.
integration service
Migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA
SAP S/4HANA is GST-ready and is capable to handle the volume and complexity of data transactions that GST will require.
KPIT's m.EDGE solution is an SAP-Qualified Partner Solution that helps businesses to quickly and cost-effectively migrate from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA.
New SAP implementation
Businesses can quickly get ready for GST by moving to SAP S/4HANA. KPIT's DiscreteEDGE solution is an SAP-Qualified Partner Solution that ensures faster implementation of SAP S/4HANA with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Select a scenario that applies to your business. Our experts will be happy to help you accordingly!
Having supported over 100 customers in various industries in India, KPIT brings along a wealth of domain experience, technical expertise, and a range of proven solutions and services. We have already engaged with multiple customers for system upgrades and TAX code migrations as prerequisites for GST.
Strong SAP Functional and Technical Expertise

GST Subject Matter Expertise

Strategic Advisors to Management for Tax Efficient structure

Process Improvement for cost effectiveness
Post implementation compliance review and support

Tie-up with GSP/ASP for a single window experience

Readily available connectors to ASP/GSP systems
KPIT's SAP Experts
Antony Vijay
Senior Localization Expert, SAP Practice, KPIT
Antony is an SAP Certified consultant, with more than 12 years of experience in successfully implementing large SAP projects in India.
He has led more than 10 SAP Country India Version (CIN) implementations and is well versed with customizing settings (Financials and Logistics) needed to implement country-specific functions. Drawing from deep understanding of ASAP methodology, tools and accelerators, Antony has consistently delivered projects within estimated time and efforts.
Mahendra Dighe
Principal Consultant, SAP Practice, KPIT
Mahendra is an SAP Certified consultant, with more than 13 years of experience in successfully implementing large SAP projects in India.
Currently he is driving GST Transformation initiative across industries for India along with KPCA, and have contributed valuable inputs during their discussion with clients on matters pertaining to the implementation of GST.

KPIT\'s DiscreteEDGE
SAP Partner Solution in SAP S/4HANA, edition of SAP Business All-in-One for Discrete Industries in India

KPIT\'s m.Edge HANA Solution for Migration
SAP Partner Solution to safely convert your existing SAP ERP System to SAP S/4HANA

Required Prerequisites
GST, a destination based tax regime that aims at dissolving the traditional tax structure.

Switching to GST Transition With Confidence
GST (Goods and Services Tax) is going to be a path breaking indirect tax reform of independent India.

SAP System Conversion Methodology
GST: SAP System Conversion Methodology

Functional Implementation Steps
Functional Implementation (Business/tax consulting)

Tax Procedure Migration
Tax Migration in Indian Localization

SAP System Preparedness for GST
GST Support package preparedness Roadmap

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