The GST Bill
The GST bill, considered as one of the biggest indirect tax reforms in India looks to bring uniformity and simplicity in the current tax regime and create a single common Indian market. It will impact all areas of business operations including procurement, distribution, pricing strategy, accounting, inventory, supply chain, reporting, tax compliance systems, and IT systems.
Implications on Business Systems
The changes that GST proposes to bring to the businesses, calls for a coordinated effort from the key stakeholders of all areas of a business. This means preparing a clear roadmap for GST transition, aligning business processes to GST, making changes to the business IT systems, and ensuring appropriate change management including training and support.
Point of View: Insights from KPIT
Impact of GST on Businesses in India
GST India - Episode 2: What you need to do
In this episode KPIT's GST CoE is glad to address few key questions our customers are dealing with as we bring along insights and expertise from Kirtane and Pandit Chartered Accountants firm.
Milind Limaye
Partner, KPCA
Mahendra Dighe
SME, Practice Head, KPIT
Jayada Pandit
Director, Thought Leadership Program, KPIT
How KPIT helps
Ensure a smooth GST Transition with KPIT CoE
KPIT's business and technology experts, along with our partners i.e. KPCA accounting firm, leading technology OEMs including Oracle and SAP, and ASPs/GSPs form part of KPIT's Center of Excellence (CoE). KPIT's GST CoE has assessed the impacts of GST in different business scenarios and has created a robust roadmap for customers to quickly get up to speed with GST transition.
We are a one stop shop for GST transition, providing consulting, solution implementation, compliance review, and post-implementation support to businesses across many industry domains.
integration service
Assessment and Consulting
integration service
GST Implementation and Configuration
Compliance Review and Ongoing Support
KPIT for a Smooth GST Transition
Whether your business runs on SAP, Oracle, or JD Edwards systems, KPIT, with its deep technical expertise in these technologies, extensive industry domain experience, and partnership with Financial and Accounting consultants, is all geared up to help you with a smooth GST implementation.
Our ready-to-connect tools and accelerators help customers to quickly implement the GST related changes in their systems, at low cost, and with low risk.
SAP GST Offerings
Learn more about our offerings for smooth GST implementation on SAP systems
Oracle GST Offerings
Learn more about our offerings for smooth GST implementation on Oracle and JD Edwards systems

GST Podcast Series - Episode 1
Talks about the wave of change expected within the business climate in India with the roll out of proposed GST.

GST Podcast Series - Episode 2
Insights and expertise from Kirtane and Pandit Chartered Accountants firm.

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