KPIT’s Powertrain Solutions

KPIT’s Powertrain Solutions

The dynamics within the automotive industry are rapidly reforming and the entire auto ecosystem is evolving itself to embrace various changes. Rise in performance demands for higher fuel efficiency, and adherence to stringent emission standards are paving the way for electric and hybrid systems along with efficient after-treatment systems, engine management solutions and transmission controls.
KPIT draws over 15 years of experience in helping automotive players with clean, green and efficient powertrains. Our deep domain expertise and competence, combined with the right set of skills and efficient processes help us reduce costs, provide supreme quality and offer a robust portfolio of both conventional and electric powertrain solutions.
Service offerings

KPIT's Conventional and Electric Powertrain (e-Powertrain) solutions span across the entire V-cycle enabling vehicles development from concept to production.
Conventional Powertrain offerings across various V-cycle phases and in the domains areas of Engine, Transmission and Aftertreatment domains
e-Powertrain offerings across various V-cycle phases and in the domains of Battery Management System, Motor Control, Inverter and DC-DC, OBC charger
System Engineering
Concept Development
Software Engineering
Plant Model
Software Integration

Microfuzzy Member of KPIT Group
KPIT Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with MicroFuzzy, a German headquartered Automotive Engineering services firm. Together, the entity plans to enhance and bring next generation offerings within the e-Mobility space.
Power Electronics Development
System Engineering

Complex products, different variants, multiple suppliers and compliance to standards have created multifold implications for OEMs and Tier1s. Increase in number of system requirements and complexity in architecture have led to various challenges such as quality, traceability, impact analysis, maintainability and collaboration. KPIT provides you a comprehensive set of offerings for System Engineering that will help you overcome aforesaid challenges.
Requirement Engineering
Requirement Development / management
Requirement - Reverse Engineering - From model / code to high level requirements
Requirement modeling and validation
RM tools consulting
Requirement based Variant management
Requirement Variant Management
Consulting on tools selection
Safety Engineering
Part2- Functional Safety Management(Process Gap analysis / Tailoring for the organization Safety Culture, Confirmation measures, evidence of Field monitoring)
Part3- Concept Phase(Idem definition, Hazard analysis, Safety Goals determination, DIA, FS concept definition, verification of FS concept)
Part4- System(Technical safety concept and its verification, system design and avoidance of systematic failures, Safety analysis, Allocation of TSR to HW and SW
Part5-Hardware(HW)(HW Safety Requirement definition, Safety analysis FMEDA, FTA)
Part6- Software (SW)(SW Safety requirement specifciation, SW safety analysis (DFMEA, FTA), Dependent failure analysis, V&V of SW safety requirement)
Part8 - Supporting Processes(Support in software tool qualification)
System Architecture
Vehicle Architecture development - EV vehicle
Feature Level Architecture
Architecture Validation - Metrics and automation for architecture validation
Concept Development

Concept development is a pivotal stage in any vehicle production program, once the requirement engineering at system level is done. Our rapid prototyping solutions will help you reduce time to market
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping for xEV domain - RPC toolbox Motohwak, MicroAutobox
Software Engineering

Today, software in vehicles is increasingly becoming complex and growing exponentially with millions of lines of code. Vehicle manufacturers are realizing that traditional ways of software coding are not sufficient to meet stringent quality norms and tightening schedules. Model Based Design approach will ease the design complexity and help you meet required quality standards.
Design (Model Based Design)
Migration of Legacy code to Executable Specification
Conversion of Requirements to Executable Specification
Re-architecture of existing models & Auto-code generation
Optimizing the throughput while maintaining the RAM & flash memory usage
AUTOSAR compliant model development and code generation
Model based development compliant to - ISO 26262 / ASPICE
Manual production code development
Control Algorithms/Systems
Advance Controls / Model predictive control for conventional powertrain and xEV
Algorithm development for PT using PID control
Plant Model

Development of scalable controllers for complex multi domain systems & subsystems requires multiple iterations and huge infrastructure investments. KPIT's expertise in mathematical and physics-based plant modeling reduces the cost and development time, by enabling desktop-based closed loop evaluation of controllers. The plant models are developed with parameters that can be tuned to match field data. Further, these plant models can be tailored for multiple usage viz., sizing analysis, closed loop MIL/SIL/HIL testing and advanced control engineering. KPIT has a team of experts, who develop plant models using tools such as GT Power, MATLAB as per your requirement
Plant Model Development
System / component Model development (GT Power, MATLAB/Simulink, SimScape, Dymola, Python)
Plant Model Correlation with field data
Software Integration

KPIT works spans across AUTOSAR & Non-AUTOSAR software development, integration and validation. AUTOSAR related development includes AUTOSAR Composition creation, Application layer integration for AUTOSAR Components, RTE Generation for entire application components, Integration with key diagnostics functionalities such as DEM and FIM, Integration of Complex Device Drivers (CDD's) and Integration with BSW modules. Non-AUTOSAR development includes integration with key diagnostics module & integration of application component with legacy BSW modules.
AUTOSAR S/W Integration
AUTOSAR based S/W integration for Powertrain controls

There is a shift in Verification and Validation (V&V) approach. In the traditional V-cycle, left side is associated with development whereas the right side for validation. Now V&V has shifted more towards the left side of V-cycle, with development and validation tools brought together. KPIT offers a combination of methodologies and tools to provide high quality V&V solutions.
Model in Loop
Model in loop testing - Functional, coverage
Software in Loop
Software in loop testing - Functional, coverage
Hardware in Loop
Hardware in loop testing - Functional, coverage
Processor in Loop
Processor in loop testing for Powertrain
ECU Virtualization using framework like VeOS, Silver and MxVdev
Integrated Test Management
Integrated test management, integration of engineering testing tools with ALM - PTC, IBM, Polarion
Pre-Integration Dyno
System testing - Pre - integration dyno testing for Engine, xEV
System Integration Dyno
System testing - Pre - integration dyno testing for Engine, xEV
Vehicle Testing
Vehicle testing for Powertrain
Test Strategy Development
Test strategy development - MIL, SIL, HIL, Virtualization, Optimization of test assets, reuse of test vectors

Modern powertrains programs face demanding targets in terms of performance, emission norms and application across multiple vehicle configurations. Calibration of the powertrain system with vehicle application has emerged as one of the important function in product development. KPIT brings to you a holistic set of calibration solutions that help you reduce the engine development time.
Calibration Strategy Development
Calibration strategy development - Optimized workflow/process for calibration development using calibration data management tool
Manual Calibration
OBD / Tuning
Feature Validation / Vehicle Testing
Model Based Calibration
Virtual, model based calibration tool
Power Electronics Development

The future of sustainable transportation is e-Mobility. KPIT and its strategic partner MicroFuzzy have a software development know-how that can help you build next generation electric/hybrid vehicles with below offerings:
Motor/Generator Control, HW/SW development
On-board DC - DC converter, Inverter Control Algorithm
On-board/ Off-board charger SW development
Inverter Control
Industry Domains

KPIT's deep domain expertise in powertrain has helped various domains in automation and transportation industry such as:
Agriculture Farming Machines (Tractor, Harvester)
Construction equipment (Off-High Way)
Passenger Cars
Heavy Duty Engines (Trucks, Power Generation)
Industrial Drives and Motors
Turn to KPIT as a Trusted Technology Partner for Powertrain Solutions

With over two decades of automotive electronics experience, we have a rich experience of working with the best names in the industry. KPIT's strong domain expertise, software & management experience along with the industry know-how allows us to be a partner of choice for leading OEMs & Tier1s.

We believe in building long-term relationships that add value to the overall customer experience. We cherish our 12+ years of association with leading global Engine manufacturer and create value to provide reliable and high-performance solutions. Our journey as a strategic powertrain development partner with a North American OEM, demonstrated our technology leadership and helped OEM stay ahead of the competition. We have been able to achieve this because of:

Our Team is Happy to Address your Embedded Software Challenges in Powertrain

KPIT Powertrain offerings
KPIT is a trusted technology partner for rapid design and development of new technologies for IC Engine

Verification & Validation
KPIT's V&V expertize helps in reduction in redundancy in testing through framework

Model Based Development
KPIT Experience – Model-Based Software Development (MBSD)

Re-architecture of Engine Management System software compliant to AUTOSAR
One largest automotive manufacturers with subsidiaries in multiple geographies had to develop multi-variant engine

Trusted Partner for a Tier1's Engine Diagnostics Tool
This tool stored & analyzed historic information about engine & modified operating parameters through calibrationrn

End-to-End Process for AUTOSAR-Compliant Software Development
KPIT helped an automotive client establish a new development workflow based on AUTOSAR, Simulink, and Embedded Code

Auto-Code Generation in Record time for a Tier1's Transmission System
The company is one of the biggest CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) manufacturer in the world for automobile

KPIT helps an Automotive Tier 1 to reduce Engine ECU throughput by 12%
The client is a Tier 1 committed to the design & production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive

System Requirement Development for Model Year 2019 for a leading OEM
The client is a multinational manufacturer of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, components and production

Webcast: Plant Model Development
Efficient System Virtualization & Validation through Plant Model Development

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